After the rise of technology, escape room games are played heavily by virtual players and also by normal people who love to play this type of game. Last year, the whole world got hit by the pandemic, it has also raised the playtime of virtual escape rooms game as people were locked inside their houses.

So, let’s have a look at some virtual escape rooms which are mostly played.

  • Black Noir

The concept of the game has the potential to keep the players on the edge of their seats. There are several rooms in the game, and each of the rooms has its own uniqueness and different view on solving the puzzles. It gives the opportunity to play to both small and large groups of players.

The concept also follows a murder mystery in a way that can be mostly seen in neo-noir movie scenarios.

  • The Panic Room

The Panic Room is one of the most famous virtual escape room games. It has no limit on players, and this is the main attraction of this game. The unique themes and the different types of difficulty level is the main attraction of the players for this game.

  • Sherlock Escape Room

The sherlock themed escape rooms are hugely accepted by the audience as everyone is a fan of Sherlock Holmes. The uniqueness of this goes to another level, as the team of players can help a live actor solve the puzzles.

As per some reports, the escape room dealing with Sherlock Holmes concept are one of the highest-selling escape rooms, be it virtual or physical.

  • Trapped in the Web

Trapped in the web is one of the most unique and inventive virtual escape room games. An individual’s experience level doesn’t matter much here, as an individual from any experience level can blend in with the ambiance of this game and its puzzles. The concept of the game follows a story of a space station from where the players need to escape.

  • Romeo And Juliet Escape Room

Romeo and Juliet’s escape room follows a romantic concept where you and your team have to solve the puzzles in order to bring Romeo and Juliet together. There are very few escape rooms like this; hence, becoming one of the main attractions for the players to play in this escape room.

  • Escape Hunt: The fourth Samurai

The fourth Samurai has been developed by a British firm, and it can be played through the Internet. The samurai character and his sword can be easily controlled by you, and you have to look for the clues to solve the puzzles from the viewpoint of the samurai character.

  • Doctor Who: World’s Collide

The other world monsters and robots in the game will keep your focus and attention on them as they will give you heavy challenges and difficulties. At the same time, you and your team have to solve the puzzle after overcoming the high difficulty levels.

This virtual escape room gives a unique space concept that follows the story of a billionaire who has successfully developed the concept of time travel. This concept is hugely accepted by the players. Still, things turn dangerous when the cybermen make a plan to attack the earth. You and your team have 60 minutes to stop the attack.

  • Isolation

Isolation is developed in Australia and follows a unique concept. It can be played over Zoom, and the person on the other side with whom you have been interacting, who can be an astrophysicist or astronaut, is suffering from amnesia. You and your team have to solve the puzzles in order to recover his memories, or otherwise, that person will never be able to leave the space station where he is trapped.


Virtual escape rooms have also gained the same popularity as physical escape room games. The concept that escape rooms can be played anywhere is hugely accepted by the people and also by the core gamers.

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