Every woman has an experience with bad bras. Often, these bras do not fit and can be uncomfortable. Buying the right bra is can be difficult as there a lot of things that you need to consider. These are eight tips that will surely help you pick the bra that will work the best for you:

Choose A Store And Brand That Has A Good Reputation

You need to go to a store that has a good reputation for selling a wide variety of bra choices. The store must have a huge selection of trained bra fitters and bras. To inform you more about it, you may want to talk with other women who have experience buying bras in the particular store that you are eyeing. After all, they will be the ones who can verify whether the bras in the store are great.

The brand of the bra that you want to buy should also have a good reputation. Any major complaints about the bra should serve as a red flag for you. You can also buy high quality bras online visiting Stickiebra company website.

Pick Bras That Look Good With Your Body Type

How the bra looks on you is as important as how it fits. You need to be aware of your own body type so that finding a bra that would look good on you will be easier. As an example, demi-cup bras do not usually work for top-heavy “apple” shaped bodies.

Know About Different types of bras available in the market

Before you head out to the store, you need to know what you are looking for. If you can, know about the different kinds of bras available online or in stores. The more about the types and brands, their price ranges, comfort levels, the easier it will be for you to pick the right bra for yourself.

Do Not Limit Yourself                    

Women should remind themselves that bra size is really just a number and letter. Most women limit their choices due to the preconceived assumptions they have about bra sizes. What matters most in picking out the bra is how it fits.

For example, when you ask the store attendant for a certain size and they say that it is not available, you are free to check out those that are in the stores. You can go up and down a cup or band size, depending on your needs.

Pick up some accessories

A lot of people do not know that there are accessories that are used for bras. Most of these accessories are actually used to prevent any faux pas from happening. Among these types of accessories include breast petals and tape.

Don your critical eyes

You need to be objective in picking out bras. This is so that you can decide on bras that objectively look good on you. A critical person would immediately zoom in on minor issues like spillage and gaps. This way, you can immediately strike off items on the bras you are considering.

Plan your visit to the store every six months

Visit the store every six months. Body shape and size changes every few months so you need your bras to adjust as well. Even if that does not happen, you still need to replace your bras once or twice a year.

Take proper care of your bras

Bras typically do not come cheap so you need to make sure that they last longer. To do this, you need to take good care of it especially when you clean them.

The recommended way to clean bras is through hand washing. It is the best washing mode that can remove dirt and stains from your bra without destroying the material.

If you have to use the washing machine, however, you need to place it in a protective garment bag. Never put the bra in a tumble dryer. Air drying the bra is the best way to make the bra ready for wearing.