What are dreams? Dreams are the result of our subconscious thoughts. They are a mixture of our experiences and our inquisitive nature. When you are sleeping you are less inhibited to think as creatively as you would when awake. The thinking pattern in your sleep has no structure or any rules. When we are awake we tend to think in a structured format which makes it harder to interpret our dreams.

Types of dreams

Lucid Dreams

There are several types of dreams that we can have. One type of dream we can have is called a lucid dream. Lucid dreams are dreams in which we are aware we are really dreaming. Lucid dreams are fun because you can control your dreams and determine the outcome. Lucid dreaming usually occurs during REM sleep which is a phase of sleep that is closest to consciousness.


Another type of dreaming is called a nightmare. A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes you to wake up feeling anxious and frightened. Since dreams are helpful in creating conditioned responses in our brain, nightmares can actually prepare us for problems we may face in the future. If you’re having lots of nightmares you may want to discuss the nightmare during your wake time or get some counseling. Often facing the fears head-on can help to end the nightmares.

Prophetic Dreams

Another type of dream is called a prophetic dream. In a prophetic dream we dream about events that actually come to pass in our lives. Every once in a while someone will have a dream like this and it will be a great opportunity to become prepared for the event before it happens.

Reoccurring Dreams

The next kind of dream is called a reoccurring dream. Reoccurring dreams can be annoying or helpful. Some nightmares can become reoccurring dreams also. Reoccurring dreams will likely occur because of an unresolved problem in your life or an inability to cope with an experience you had. You may dream about working in your old job, or dream about being back in school. Perhaps you are contemplating what would have happened had you stayed in school or in your old job?

Healing Dreams

Another type of dream is called healing dreams. Often dreams lead to problem solving. In our dreams we have the creative license to solve many problems including figuring out what your body may need for healing. Often these dreams may resemble prophetic dreams. Our body may be able to signal our mind when we are sleeping, thus diagnosing some of our worst symptoms.

Progressive Dreams

The next type of dream is called a progressive dream, which is a dream that continues over a period of several days. You can wake up from the dream and go back to sleep at any time and continue the dream.

Epic Dreams

Another type of dream is called an epic dream. An epic dream is where you have a greatly vivid or grandiose dream that seems to last forever. These types of dreams tend to be perfect for writing down in your journal or perhaps a good basis for a book or a movie. Either way an epic dream is one you will remember for a long time.

Mutual Dreams

The last type of dream I will cover is called a mutual dream. Mutual dreams are merely dreams that two or more people have in common. One person may even interact with the other while in the dream and when they wake up they will remember the dream.