Starting from freedom to finance, there are various reasons why you should rent a car while on a foreign getaway. Hiring your own car is the most convenient, cost-effective and safe way of finding your way in and out of an unknown city. So, it’s time to bid adieu to the clichéd task of flagging down taxis on the roadsides of a foreign country, and saying hello to the new, modern and unconventional ride. Yes, it’s the generation of fun and independent car rentals!

Not that you will always require a new rented ride only on a vacation. You can fall in need of this reliable and temporary set of wheels when your own car goes into maintenance. So, this service comes to multiple uses and is the best value for money. You just have to rent a car and off you go, wherever the road (read heart) may take you. So, aren’t you excited already to go for car rental in Tasmania? ABC Car Hire is right at your service with reliable cars, quality service, affordable rates and one of the best customer support teams. They have a fleet of vehicles of all sizes to serve all your needs, be it airport transfers or a city tour.  

Things to consider prior to your car rental booking :

If you are planning a trip, it’s a must that you take care of all the arrangements beforehand and get your bookings done. And this involves a prior car hire in Launceston, especially during the peak hours. But it’s not that simple. You should have an idea about the ins and outs of car rentals. That’s precisely why you should go on reading :

  1.  Limit drivers : You first need to decide if you are the only one taking the wheel or there are other people too. Letting others into the party will lead to additional names in the rental contract. This leads to extra unnecessary costs.
  2. Review insurance policy : Make sure to have your car insurance policy updated on your personal vehicle. Cause, the rental car isn’t insured against damage or accidents. So, in times of such unfortunate events, your personal car’s insurance coverage can be transferred to the rental.
  3. Travel policies : Next, if you are planning to take your rental car out of state, check for any restrictions or tolls or additional fees. So, get yourself educated about that.
  4. Fill up gas : Fill up the gas tank before returning, as most companies require you to return with a full tank. Or they will charge a significant fee.
  5. Own accessories : Just like gas, these companies charge extra fees for car accessories. For example, bring your own navigation systems, aux cables, baby safety car seats etc. and avoid the additional costs.
  6. Clean history : Make sure that you have a driving history free of reckless driving, accidents, seat belt violations etc. as these companies often do a background check. In case they find any loopholes, they shall cancel your booking.
  7. Thorough inspection : Do not forget to inspect the car minutely and carefully before signing your name on the dotted lines of the rental contract. You don’t need the hassle of forking out cash later on for some existential damage. Also, make some representative of the company gives it in writing, if there’s any ding, scratch or dent already.
  8. Return timely : You may be surprised to know that some rental companies may charge you extra if you return the car at a time different from what was prior mentioned. So, no need to give back the car either early or later than what’s supposed to be. And if at all, you anticipate a car-drop off time change, let them know beforehand.

So, basically these were the main things that should be imprinted in your mind by now. Steer clear of being overcharged or burdened with damaged cars. Keep your eyes and ears open if you want to avoid an overall car rental nightmare. Make you car rental experience a happy one with these simple measures.