Sometimes, life isn’t super straightforward. That’s when it’s helpful to find a nifty gadget that aims to make your day more manageable. Whether you need a simpler way to charge your phone or a faster way to cook your food, there’s a solution out there! Today’s technology exists to make sure that you have more time to relax.

Here are eight gadgets that can make your daily routine easier.

1. A Multi-Device Charging Station

These days, most people own several devices. From tablets to laptops to watches, it seems like there’s always room for another smart gadget. These items make life easier by themselves, but they can also take up a little space. That’s where a charging station comes into play. This object occupies less room, as it concentrates each device to a single location. Plus, it cuts down on cords!

You can find charging stations that power multiple kinds of gadgets at once. You’ll never have to tear apart the house for another cable or cube.

2. An Automatic Pet Feeder

We all love our furry friends, but it’s not always easy to care for them. Maybe you spend some late nights at the office, or you like to embark on weekend getaways. Fortunately, it’s possible to make sure that they receive the best treatment, even when you’re away from home. You can use an automatic pet feeder to schedule your pet’s meals from anywhere.

Some machines also offer video capabilities so that you can see your pet face-to-face!

3. A Pair of Blue Light Glasses

Do you spend most of your day on a computer? If so, you’ve become exposed to blue light. Most devices emit a harmful wavelength that causes eye strain. You may have experienced a headache after work due to this phenomenon. Fortunately, there’s a way to fix this issue. A pair of blue light glasses can reduce exposure to blue light significantly.

If you already wear prescription glasses, it may be possible to add a blue light coating to your current pair. You can also buy blue light glasses by themselves. Either way, it’s a smart investment to make if you interact with screens more often than not.

4. A Compartment Cooking Pan

It’s never fun to clean up a massive mess after you make dinner. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut down on dishes? If you’ve ever wanted to fry eggs, bacon and hashbrowns at the same time, here’s a gadget for you. You can use a compartment cooking pan to make an entire meal at once. These tools have separate sections outlined so that each food as its own space.

A compartment cooking pan can be especially helpful when you can’t spare a ton of cabinet space.

5. A Smart Water Bottle

Did you know that around 80% of Americans don’t drink enough h2O? You’ve probably heard that you’re supposed to consume eight cups of water every day. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to meet those recommendations unless you make a conscious effort. A smart water bottle can help you stay hydrated. With features that can track your intake, it’s much easier to refill when necessary.

These gadgets also include insulated interiors to keep your water at the perfect temperature.

6. A Reusable Meal Container

A reusable meal container can help you become more organized – whether you like to prepare meals for the week or need a better way to store leftovers. No one wants to dig through aluminum foil wrappers to find chicken from two nights ago! When you use clear boxes with divided sections, it’s easier to prepare your family’s food for the next day – and locate it later on. Plus, it’s better for the environment when you choose a reusable option.

You can try these devices to pack lunch for yourself and your kids.

7. A Key and Wallet Tracker

These days, it doesn’t take much effort to locate your phone. But what happens when you lose your keys or wallet? Luckily, you don’t need to call the bank to cancel your credit cards. Instead, you can use a tracker! These gadgets work alongside your phone to find your items when you can’t remember where you placed them. The tracker can make a noise to alert you.

These trackers fit around your keys or inside your wallet securely.

8. A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Even if you tidy up every day, it’s not always easy to maintain a clean household. With pets and kids, it takes a lot of effort to eliminate dust bunnies. Fortunately, a robot vacuum cleaner can eradicate this potential problem once and for all. You won’t have to worry about those nooks and crannies that you probably forget. When it’s time to use your upright vacuum cleaner, it’ll take less time to clean the entire room.

Plus, you can make sure that you have a spotless space to come home to when you’re away.

Use These Gadgets for a Manageable Daily Routine

While life isn’t always easy to navigate, it’s possible to make your daily routine more manageable. Try these gadgets to save time and energy.