Want to buy a web hosting for your new website? Here are few things you should consider before spending your dollars. Read till end so you know the best suitable web hosting company for your new website.

  1. Features

Sit back, relax and decide what you are going to do with your website, especially if you have planned to host rich content, a business blog, e-commerce, videos, etc. then you shouldn’t go with the cheapest one, because it is most likely to have less features, insufficient RAM. You might end up tangled in downtime and load issues.

Take a look at their package if they charge additionally for technical help, additional domain and backup.

  1. Price

The most appealing web hosting may be the cheapest one, but this should not be the deciding factor. Choosing the cheapest service provider is not the best idea, however it should be considered while comparing the features that other host provider offer. Enlist the features and services offered by different web hosting service providers and then decide as per your requirement what suits best.

  1. Tech Support

You don’t want to be in a long queue waiting for a real, live person to attend your call? This is something you MUST consider. A good web hosting company provides 24/7 tech support. When your website goes down, you might need someone real, live on the phone call that can assist you getting back online. See how you can contact them if something goes wrong like email, chatbot or something else.

  1. Website Response Time

A slow website is more likely to affect your online business. People hate to wait! From a customer’s point of view, I personally let go the sites that are taking too long to load or response. So, this could result in loosing thousands of potential customers and decrease your sales, a decreased sale with result, you drinking a bottle of aspirin.

Do ask the service provider if they have powerful machines to keep the speed and website loading time maximum.

  1. Spam Protection

Look to see if the service provider have spam protection to the emails. Do they offer malware protection to the emails you get?

  1. Room to grow/ Upgrade options

If you have planned to upscale your business in future, do they have capability to provide father services like Dedicated Server Solutions (DSS) and VPS (virtual private server)?

If you are a newbie, then you should consider a shared web hosting. In shared web hosting you get a web hosting like a share out of a single server. Companies now a days provide shared web hosting plans in which a single server handles several tiny websites. Shared web hosting is able to manage a limited amount of traffic coming to your website.

  1. Site Backup

If you are a newbie reading this, you should consider this IMPORTANTLY. If it happens that your website crashes while you were experimenting modification with code, you need to ask the service provider a few questions:

  • Do they offer a site backup?
  • If yes, how often do they backup your site?
  • Do they assist restoring your backup?
  1. Website Security

Web security is everyone’s concern. Whether it an e-commerce site or a simple blog, user’s data should be secure from hackers and hijackers. While evaluating the security of the service provider, there are a couple of things to look for:

  • SSL – Secure Sockets Layer. SSL provides an encrypted path between browser and the website. If you run an e-commerce website, SSL certificate is a MUST thing. It helps protect customer’s sensitive information like credit card numbers or banking details, contact numbers, address, or any other personal information.
  • SFTP – Secure File Transfer Protocol. When you upload your files to your web hosting, SFTP secures any vulnerability. You might be familiar with FTP (File Transfer Protocol), it secures, but SFTP adds an additional layer of protection. Without SFTP, files can be intercepted or modified without letting noticed, but SFTP fills that hole of vulnerability.

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