Did you ever play little league as a kid? Maybe your kids played in them. I’m sure the participation in those created some great memories that built connections. If you’ve heard of rec leagues you may have wondered exactly what they are. If so, then you’re in luck.

What Are They?
Rec leagues are recreational sports teams that get together and have fun. They can be completely professional or just for fun. It really doesn’t matter. The goal of rec leagues is to participate in something that creates team spirit and friendship. You can make some serious memories in them. Rec leagues are a great way for your friends to create an association with each other for the sports you participate in. There are eight reasons why you should create one with your friends. Reasons are sort of like excuses though, so just create one already. You’ll make memories and have a ton of fun. Here is the 411 on what rec leagues are all about and eight reasons why you should create one with your friends.

1. Friendship
If you remember high school get-togethers, then you probably remember hanging out together. You spent hours doing absolutely nothing with friends. Maybe you went places together and dressed the same for that feeling of belonging to a group. If doing nothing together while you have a blast sounds like fun, then you know why creating a rec league with friends is reason number one. Connect to them and have fun doing whatever you love.

2. Health
If your league is a sport of some type, not only will you improve your health through happiness vibes, but you also experience the benefit of exercise. Working out with friends always helps you do it more. Doing that more makes you more active. Being more active is good for you. So increase those happy vibes by creating one of these.

3. Encouragement
If your friends want to stay motivated, then creating a rec league is a great way to create encouragement. When you have that type of support, you can do anything you set your mind to do.

4. Company
If you want to avoid feeling lonely and want company, then what better way than to create a rec league of your own. Bonus points for the fact that you get to create the rules. Create your own team colors and outfits. Those printed shirts can be the way the league is able to find one another in public.

5. Me time
Maybe you want an excuse to create more me time. Creating a rec league is an easy way to tell the family that you can’t let the league down. That way you inadvertently get “more me time.” It will be the thing you look forward to each week. Hand the responsibilities over to someone else and go have some fun.

6. Couple Time
On the other end of the spectrum is a way to create couple time. The other part of the couple can’t really get out of the couple time without letting that league down. If the other part of the couple loves couple time, then you have a fun thing to look forward to together.

7. Create a Team
If you have a sport that you love, then creating a rec league is a great way to do that. This is another way to create team-printed shorts, caps, or anything you like to show which rec league you belong to. The sports teams can be just like your kid has, except you can go out for drinks after the game. If it’s a more conservative group, then go for pizza. Either way, it will make memories.

8. Restaurant Company
Maybe there are restaurants you want to try, but you don’t want to go alone. If you create a rec league you can always have a group to go to restaurants together. Make reservations and wear the league colors or printed shirts. This is really good for the first time you get together as a rec league.

Once you create your rec league you might need membership shirts or lanyards. Get full sublimation prints to show the league you belong to. Take your sports team to the next level with rec league apparel to make memories.

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