Surprisingly, not every product launch event ends up with a success story. If you fail to plan your event well, you are likely not to end up with the skyrocketing sales that you are targeting. Part of reaching your goal with the product launch is to incorporate some entertainment ideas into your event. Entertainment will make the attendants excited about your product and get them talking about it long after the occasion. Of course, you will achieve a great deal of sales success when this happens. So, let’s look at some entertainment ideas for your product launch event.

Brand the entertainment

Indubitably, your brand should be at the front and centre of your launching event. Well, most of us would think of having the company name and logo projected on the screens or banners. That’s a good idea, but there are plenty of other ways to express your brand during a product launch party entertainment event.

Place logo stickers on casino tables, provide branded bottled water for your guests, sneak your brand into the digital graffiti surfaces or design branded and colour-coordinated costumes for the waitresses, dancers, and performers.

Choose entertainment that reflects your product

If sneaking your brand or logo to every aspect of the party looks too monotonous for you, try designing the entertainment in such a way that it reflects the product you are launching. By picking the right acts that reflect the key features of your product or reinforce elements of your brand, you can launch the product in a way that feels unforced and natural.

Magic, cabaret, dance, music, and circus are all great ways to achieve this. For instance, if you are seeking to demonstrate the power and strength of your brand, you may consider hiring an acro-balance act.

Let your product be part of the entertainment

This is one of the most obvious things to do during your product launch event. Remember the star of the show is the product, and not you the owner of the product. As such, put your product in the spotlight; incorporate it in all the entertainment pieces.

This is particularly suitable for pieces of tech like phones or tablets, or any handheld products are not delicate to handle. The acrobats and jugglers can slip the product into their sets, and the magicians could enjoy the challenge of making the items part of their act.

Let the entertainment tell your product story

The easiest way to get your clients to like your product and to resonate with your brand is by telling them the story behind them. Make this part of your product launch event. You can tell the story yourself or have an influencer in your locality – of course, the one who understands your product well – tell the story. Make the story positive and honest.

The event venue should reflect your message

Sometimes there is a danger that your product message may get lost in the event venue of your product launch does not resonate with the message you want to portray. Do the food, drinks, and decorations at the place give the right impression about your product? Pick a host that can easily slip your brand color, product message, and even the logo into the food and drinks they serve as well as the décor.

Be strategic on your timing

Time is critical when it comes to the presentation of entertainment pieces. You don’t want your guests to miss out on the entertainment since it was presented either too early or too late into the event. It is best to start the entertainment not earlier than 30 minutes after the arrival of the guest. This gives enough time for all the guests to arrive and watch the performances.

Also, do not incorporate entertainment performances in between meals since the attention of your guests shall be elsewhere.

Invest in professional photography

Photos are one way of making your product memorable. You can expect your guests to pop into your social media pages and view the event photos right after the event. They’ll be seeking to find out if they were captured on camera during the auspicious occasion.

If you want to set the vibe going, make sure photos are well-lit and captivating. Hire a professional photographer to do the job to have high-quality images that can be uploaded in your online pages.

Have a private party for your VIPs

There is a group of audiences that won’t feel comfortable in your free-entry product launch event. Organize a private party event for them with a different set of entertainment pieces. For instance, you can have a roving magician to perform close up acts in the hands of guests or mingling between guests.