Homemade cleaning supplies offer a lot of advantages to the money-conscious households. Employing domestic ingredients are far less costly than purchasing commercial cleaners as they will not produce cast-off product packaging and exposure to toxic ingredients or chemicals as well.

Glass Cleaner

This DIY glass cleaner takes three simple ingredients; water, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar. The rubbing alcohol is the game-changing component here. It is used to quickly dissolve oil and dirt.

  • Add 1 cup of each (water and rubbing alcohol) in the spray bottle.
  • Add 1tbsp. of vinegar in it and the mixture is all ready to use.

Fabric Softener

Vinegar is one of the most vital cleaning agents. This fabric softener recipe uses vinegar as the stagnant cling fighter and softening agent. In addition to vinegar, you can add conditioner to give it an alluring scent. The price of this homemade fabric softener cannot be beaten. It is only $2 per batch.

  • Combine 2 cups of hot water and 1 cup of baking soda.
  • Stir the mixture and add vinegar (as per requirement) bit by bit.
  • Pour 60 ml of the mixture during 1 rinse cycle in washing machine.

Deep Cleansing Scrub

The deep cleansing scrub is without any doubts one of the miracle workers on tubs and sinks but can become costly on account of its one ingredient, which is castile soap. This scrub yokes the magical power of castile soap and baking soda, which will help with banishing stains and grime. The essential oil is optional if you want a good fragrance. You can also consult with professional cleaning service like Snap Clean if you need a deep cleaning. Here are directions for DIY scrub:

  • Mix baking soda (2/3 cups), castile soap (1/2 cup), water (1/2 cup), and white vinegar (2 tbsp.) in the pot and apply on the tubs and sinks.
  • Clean them after a few minutes with a piece of cloth.

Microwave Cleaner

People select costly steam bags for cleaning the microwave. Here, is the simple and wonderful trick to get your microwave cleaned in no time.

  • Put sliced lemons in the pot full of water.
  • Microwave this pot for 5 minutes.
  • The grime and grease are now all set to be scrub away.

Wood Polish

You know, how bad furniture looks when its polish is reduced or removed over time. There is a most effective and cheapest trick to get your furniture and fittings polished at home. This two-ingredient formula uses lemons to help remove stains or any build-ups and the olive oil for gleam and shine. Simply use lemon or lemon juice on the floor first, and then once you’ve removed the stains; you can then work on using olive oil for that final glossy coat.

Oven Cleaner

People avoid the cleaning of the oven for as long as it is possible as they consider it one of the most daunting tasks. The nauseating fumes, scrubbing, and crouching makes it difficult to clean the oven. With only salt and baking soda, you can get fume-free and nontoxic oven cleaner. Try it and see its magic!

  • Mix baking soda (1/2 cup) and a few tbsp. of water.
  • Apply this mix on the thermometer, pizza stone, and/or oven racks inside the oven.
  • Wait for 4-5 hours and then clean with the piece of cloth.

Bleach Pen

One of the most significant laundry room sidekicks is the bleach pen. However, they are a little too expensive. If you make a bleach pen at home, it will cost you as little as 25 cents. You will be requiring water, bleach, and corn-starch in the making of your homemade bleach pen.

  • Combine 3 tbsp. of corn-starch and ¾ cup of water in the saucepan.
  • Heat and stir until mixture becomes like gel.
  • Set the mixture aside and let it cool.
  • Add the bleached bit by bit until the consistency of your choice is acquired.

Refreshers: Fabric and Room

Both air freshener and fabric refresher take two ingredients to be made at home. These are baking soda and essential oils. Former ingredient acts as a deodorizer, while the essential oil is added to give it a much-loved scent. Just mix these two ingredients and put the mixture in a jar. This mixture will not only work as your room-freshener but also as a fabric refresher when added to water. This refresher is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Add 1 tbsp. of baking soda and fill the spray bottle with warm water.
  • Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil.
  • Cover the bottle and shake