8 best vacuum cleaner brands

8 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands In India 2021

Fed up of your home’s never-ending sweeping and mopping?

Need a machine that can lessen your burden of cleaning?

Cleaning may seem a trivial task, but the amount of time and energy that it consumes, especially in an Indian household, is really huge. But vacuum cleaners can help you with that. Make sure you buy a vacuum cleaner from a renowned brand and make the cleaning an easy breeze!


Kent is known for its water purifiers and other home appliances. But it also produces some of the best vacuum cleaners that suck dust from the hardest of the corners. Moreover, unlike other vacuum cleaners, it does not produce noise. Many of the cleaners also come with filters to reduce pollution.

Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is known for its easy-to-handle, lightweight and budget vacuums. They have some best options in both the budget-friendly and high-end variants. The dust capacity also varies in such variants.


Dyson is a company that manufactures electric domestic appliances. It offers vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and styles, fans, humidifiers, hand dryers, and lighting products. Dyson is a British Brand that is popular in cordless vacuums. Dyson’s vacuum cleaners, like its other products, are expensive but they deliver exactly what you pay for. In India, the Dyson V8 Absolute series is in great demand as it has great suction power with affordable pricing.


Philips vacuum cleaners are efficient in what they do. They come in different dust capacities and come in bagless and hand vacuum cleaners. If you want cleaners only for dust, you can also buy them on Philips at a lower price than the other variant.


Inalsa vacuum cleaners are efficient at cleaning both dry and wet items. As some of them come with the blower it becomes easier to dry the surface after cleaning. You can buy the highest capacity vacuum cleaners or the smaller versions.


Prestige has already made a name in its small home appliances. It also produces some of the best vacuum cleaners for consumers. It has all handheld vacuum cleaners, canisters, carpet cleaner, the upright one, sweeper, pet vacuum cleaner and robotic vacuum cleaners. You can buy the one depending on your requirements.


Agaro is another well-known brand for vacuum cleaners. It has the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners that also come with a blower. Agaro vacuum cleaners have a good build quality and some variants also come with a stainless steel dust jar. Even though they are a little high end, Agaro vacuum cleaners are worth the money.

American Micronic

American Micronic has some high-end vacuum cleaners that can remove dust from even the hard-to-reach corners. They have all kinds of vacuum cleaners like handheld vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, pet cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, sweepers and robotic vacuum cleaners. Even though they are high end you can wait for offers, discounts and cashback.


Panasonic is another company that has its fame in small appliances manufacture. You can buy vacuum cleaners at a reasonable price from Panasonic. The vacuum cleaners from Panasonic are lightweight and available in all types and designs.

Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner is not just about the perfect brand. So, do good research on each brand and the cleaner types they provide. See if they offer any discounts and cashback. If you are not in a hurry, you can even wait for an online sale where you can buy the best product at the lowest price. Do not forget to compare the prices of the cleaner on various shopping sites before you buy one.

Happy Shopping!