There is significant competition on Amazon for sellers. There is an increased need to find the most profitable product. Like with any offline market, the trends on Amazon are always changing where new products are added daily. As a seller on Amazon, it becomes increasingly important to offer the best product compared to your competitors.

Apart from researching your products, you need to find a niche or products that will lead to great success. Most often, you will need help from various tools to achieve this success. Jungle Scout is an amazing tool that you can use to help you with this. However, there are several alternatives to Jungle Scout that you can use to achieve profitability in your Amazon business. In this article, we will look at various tools that you can use. These are:

1. Helium 10

It is an excellent alternative to Jungle Scout as it gives you excellent research tools. You can rely on this tool to build a booming Amazon business from scratch. Not only does it offer product research tools, but it also has 12 features making it the most comprehensive in the market. With it, you can optimize your listing, manage your inventory, perform analysis on your competitors, check your sales, and many more.

It has a free plan that you can work with the paid plan starting at $97 per month.

2. AMZ Scout

Just like Jungle Scout, it offers a chrome extension as well as a Web App. It has fantastic features that allow you to find products and niches that are profitable, track your products, and calculate your Amazon FBA fees, among others.

AMZ Scout also has tools that allow you to control your PPC campaigns as well as helping you to analyze your competition comprehensively.

When needing to calculate your product price, you can use the AMZScout calculator. The starter plan is $39.99, with the cheapest plan being $29.99.

3. ZonGuru

This is a good tool for amazon sellers as they provide tools that research products. It also tracks results aiding in improving the process for your business. The chrome extension is useful in showing product prices, ranking best sellers and reviews, showing estimated sales, and many more.

ZonGuru has a business dashboard with a user-friendly interface that offers easy navigation. It also has a sale spy feature; with it, you can discover the most profitable products through the Sales Data Intelligence tool.

It also has a keyword tracker, which aids you in optimizing your Amazon listing by monitoring your products and keywords.

4. Seller Tools

Seller Tools has remarkable features that can help in growing your business. Its features include Keyword Manager, Product Research, PPC Management, Listing Manager, Alerts, and Keyword Wizard. You need to pay $57 per month, and it does not come with a free plan.

5. Cash Cow Pro

This tool offers several features that give you a lot of data. It is particularly useful to a newbie as you get a lot of data from one source. It begins at $49.7 per month.

6. Hello Profit

It has unique options where you can customize your views of ASINs as a group where you have the ability to compare different groups or specific data.

It comes in handy when you want to view and examine historical sales data. With this tool, additional keyword tracking and chrome extension are free. Several users can open the tool at the same time. This makes it possible for you and your team to work at the same time. The tool comes at $97 per month.

7. Viral Launch

This is a great tool for managing your Amazon business. It comes loaded with an all-in-one software with amazing features. With its Product Discovery feature, you can discover a market niche as well as new products by using filters.

You can use Listing Analyzer to assess your listing: A feature that gives suggestions on how you can improve your listing. Its split testing feature is useful in testing what will work best for your products. You can also use Market Intelligence to assess historical data and past sales.

This tool also offers the Keyword Research feature, which allows you to look for keywords that you can use in optimizing your listing.

With this tool, you do not have to guess what your competitor is doing. It offers an option to get comprehensive competitor analysis; this includes their keywords, sponsored ads, their sales data, and many more.

It is a great tool that beginners and experts can easily navigate, and it comes at $42 per month.

8. Sellics

This is a great comprehensive tool that is an alternative to Jungle Scout. Its basic features include Product Research, Product Tracking, Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO, Reviews, Competitor Analysis, and Inventory Management.

It is mostly recommended as the figures and data is usually given as recommendation that are practical to implement. It is a great web app tool that is friendly to use and an interface that is easy to understand. It also has a 14-day test duration, and you can pay $57 per month after.

You now have information that you can use to compare these tools, for you to have a lucrative Amazon business.