Your house should be where you feel relaxed and peaceful, away from the stress of the outside world. If it’s messy or dirty, however, you won’t be able to put your mind at ease as much as you would like. You might also feel guilt if you realise that your home isn’t very eco-friendly, so why not do something about it? These seven tips will make a big difference.

1. Recycle your waste

There are so many types of household waste that can be recycled. If you aren’t doing recycling every single week, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to help the planet as well as cleaning out your home. Paper, cardboard, glass, tin, some types of plastic, and food waste can all be recycled. Check with your local authorities about what you can recycle, when, and where.

2. Have a big clean-out

In order to get everything off on the right foot, it’s a good idea to clear out the house with a big effort to begin with. Start by gathering everything you no longer want or need. Empty all the bins, clear out anything that has been lurking in the corners, and get rid of it. You can hire a professional company to take it all away for you if you have a lot of things to go.

3. Give to (and buy from) charity

If you have any old clothes, toys, books, games, or so on that you no longer want, but which are still in good quality, then give them to charity. You can either donate them to a shop nearby your home, or give them to an aid organisation who will distribute them in poverty-stricken or war-torn areas. This means less waste in the production chain, and if you buy from charity shops as well, you’ll be contributing less to pollution from the fashion industry and other production processes.

4. Move smaller

If you can’t keep your house clean, it might be a size issue. Especially if you’ve had children grow up and move out, you might be left with too much space for you to cope with. It’s a good idea to move to look for a smaller home or a flat which will cost you less, and also require less energy to heat and cool. This makes it more eco-friendly as a bonus!

5. Use vegan products

When cleaning your home, you might not think about the impact of the products that you are using. Some of them have been tested on animals and use ingredients which are also harmful to animals or taken from them, so look for vegan products to minimise your impact. It’s also good to avoid plastic as much as possible, and chemicals that become pollutants when flushed or washed away.

6. Be organised

When everything is put away in its own place, there’s much less cleaning to be done. You can dust shelves and dresser tops easily, the hoovering doesn’t require lifting up a thousand things, and it’s all neatly arranged. Being organised, adapting good cleaning habits and putting things away will help massively with the cleaning.

7. Sell everything

If it works, you’re not using it, and it’s too valuable to give to charity, then sell it! You will make a bit of cash, someone who might not be well-off can get something they need at a lower price, and there’s less clutter around the house. What could be better?

There are lots of ways to keep your house clean in an eco-friendly way, but a lot of the battle is just being organised. Don’t hang onto things for too long, and put everything away when you’re not using it to stop clutter building up!

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