A translation service is often needed by various individuals or companies. Growing a global business is exciting, but communication could be an issue. We have accepted that English is the language of business, but it does not always apply. There are some countries where they proudly converse in another language. This is just one example of where you might need a document translation service.

Although there are many services like these available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. You also need to consider what source you will use to find these services. One cannot believe everything on the internet, but it is a great place to find translation services. Figure out what you need to be done beforehand. You can use this to start establishing the costs. If you are looking for certified document translation services, you need to specify that.

1.     Track record

One of the first ways to find a good translation service is to look at the experience. You can easily do this online and search for any customer reviews. Sometimes, a company would add testimonials from some of the largest clients. This is a great place to start because it can say a lot about the company’s reputation. Look for authentic reviews wherever possible. You do not necessarily have to go with a large corporation. A smaller document translation business or individual will do just fine.

2.     Be specific

When you are in the discussion phase of your selection process, be as clear as possible. Give details about the job and do not be afraid to go into detail. The more information you give, the better. This will open the communication lines and stimulate a brainstorming session. It is not the job of a document translator to draw up the content from scratch. With that being said, it is always great if you can talk about the emotion or message you want the writing to bring across. Just as with English, different words and the way you express yourself can change the meaning of a sentence.

3.     Technology

Most of what we do is done online and you need to make sure you find the best service. A company whose technology is not up to scratch can lead to disappointing results. There are even those who automatically send out quotations. This, of course, makes your life easier. The best translation website does not guarantee the best results, but it is a sign of commitment to the brand.

4.     Guarantees

Ask the translation company if they offer any types of guarantees on their work. This might feel strange to you at first, but it is more common than you think. You could also approach this in a way of how many edits they are willing to do if you are unhappy with the results. It is easy to establish if the company is committed to customer satisfaction. Keep all of this communication on paper and not telephonically.

5.     Turnaround

Be very clear about the amount of time you need the work to be completed. Many translation services will promise you the world, but you need to make sure that this will be the case. Ask around if you know anyone who has used the service. IF the company is unable to deliver in a duly fashion, feel free to move on.

6.     No tools

There are some good translation tools out there, but it is not the same as the human eye. You might find it written perfectly, but there is no feel to the writing. When you need to translate from English to French, you need the expression to be as if a French native wrote it. If your documents are formal, it might work. This is not the way to go when you are working on something more creative.

7.     Confidentiality

We do not always ask about the confidentiality of translation companies, but it is so important. You just want to make sure you mention this to the company you opted to work with. It is one of those rules, you need some paperwork for. Make sure there is a policy on this and that you receive a copy of it.


Consider all of these tips when selecting a document translation service. It is definitely not easy to commit to something online. Once you eliminate all the issues you do not want, you’ll find a perfect fit.