The tattoos are considered as one of the oldest and most popular fashion trends in the world. Getting ink is common between both men and women. Once you get inked on your body, it remains forever. The reasons for doing the tattoo are many. Some might do the tattoos for self-explanation or to reveal one’s inner esteem or confidence.

On the other hand, some do the tattoos as the memoir for someone. There are various types of tattoo styles prevalent. Among all, the geometric tattoo style is a unique design that can be done in various patterns.

Here Are Some of the Unique Geometric Tattoo Designs That Are Popular For Ages-

  1. Five Geometric Shapes

This tattoo is 5 hexagons made one after another. The hexagons are not solid; they have triangles or squares inside. They give a bold appearance. They are mainly done on the inner arm of men. If you want to do this tattoo Melbourne, or from any other location, you must consult with the tattoo artist first. He will understand your tattoo requirement and will do the exact tattoo. For better precision, you can also show the image to the tattoo artist that you want to do.

  1. Cute Fox

If you are an animal lover and want to design something that represents a wild animal, you can do the cute fox one. It is not a simple fox design, it is made with various geometric shapes, and it is done on the lower arm portion. Teenage girls mainly love this tattoo.

  1. Colourful Triangles

These tattoos are very colourful. You might think that there is no rhyme or reason behind doing the tattoo of triangles. But each one of the geometric tattoos has their meanings. The colourful triangles are vibrant, and they are unique.

  1. Geometric stars

Small geometric stars are aligned together to form a unique design. They are done on the outer arm region or the legs or the back portion. The geometric stars are mainly done with black and white ink. They look great when designed in a larger area.

  1. The Three Trees

The three trees done on the lower inner arm resembles the circle of life. These designs are mainly done by black ink, and they look great when the design is completed.

  1. Tiny shapes

If you are searching for a very small tattoo, the tiny shapes done on the back of your neck or the inner arm or the ankles look great. You can consult with the artist before choosing the shapes.

  1. The Half-Half Wolf

It is one of the unique geometric tattoo designs. The design resembles half wolf made with the geometric shapes, and the other half resembles the dark starry sky. This design is also done with the black ink and done on the upper outer arm.

These are some of the unique geometric tattoo styles you must do yourself stand apart from the lot. You must also carry out research to pick some other geometric tattoos as well. Whether you want to do tattoo Melbourne or at other places, you should do it from a reliable tattoo studio.