If you own a car, it is paramount to know a few important things about it. The most important thing that you want to bear in mind is how to maintain your car tires. As powerful as a vehicle is, if the tires fail, it will do much worse than just stall on you. It can actually cause a serious accident if a tire were to burst with the vehicle moving at high speed. Many people have lost their lives and caused the loss of others’ lives just because they did not take good care of their tires.

Always fill the tires to the recommended maximum

Not an ounce more not an ounce less of air for your tires, you should always fill the air to the recommended maximum. Sometimes, you do not know whether to follow the tire manufacturer recommendations or the car manufacturer recommendations. It would be better to find out how much pressure the car manufacturer recommends for the tires.

Stay on top of the condition of your tires all the time

It is important to always be aware of the condition of your car tires. That way, you know what tire has a bump, which one needs to be replaced and which one has had puncture repairs. Some people have had their tires explode just because they were too worn out and they did not notice. When going for a long trip, check the tires keenly. Check for pins, nails and even bottle and metal pieces lodged in the tires. If you are not sure about what tire brand to try next for maximum safety and long lasting performance, try maxxis trepador.

Tire rotation helps

If your car is a front or rear wheel drive, chances are that the driving tires will wear out faster than the others. However, you can rotate the tires after every 5000 km so that they wear evenly. That way, when you have to buy new ones, it will be the whole set. Tires are rotated diagonally, that is, the front right tire changes places with back left tire and so on.

Monitor the tire wear

You can use a tire depth gauge to monitor the wear. There are indicators on the side of the treads that indicate the wear of a tire. It is a traffic violation if you drive with worn out tires. It is also quite dangerous for you because worn-out tires can explode easier than new tires. 1.6 mm is the most worn out that you can drive with and even that needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Clean the tires regularly

The essence of cleaning the tires is that you can notice any damage easier. You will also be able to remove anything that can affect the quality or the performance of your tires. Just use soap and water for cleaning the tires.

Store the tires in the right way

When you have new tires stacked in the store, just make sure you do not place heavy objects on them. You do not want them crushed. Keep your unused tires away from direct sunlight and fire. Also keep the tires away from chemicals and keep them in a room with enough ventilation, and at room temperature when possible.

When it is time to replace the tires

If you drive long distance more often, you may replace your tires more often. However, it can also be a bit hard to know when it is time to replace the tires. If they are older than 5 years, it is recommended that you have an expert inspect them annually. When replacing, consider going for mickey thompson baja atz for best performance.