A lot of misconceptions have been thrown all over regarding the safety of baby swings. Many people are of the opinion that these baby gears are dangerous while others highly recommend them for any mother seeking to keep his or her baby soothed and relaxed. If you have the best portable baby swing, keeping your baby calm is very easy especially if you follow the given guidelines. It is however important to note that just like every other gear, baby swings can bring about the desired results or have contrary effects. Here are some steps on how you can use a baby swing to calm your baby: –

Always consider your baby’s safety

Your baby’s safety should be a primary concern and as such you will have to take some safety precautions whenever you place the baby on the swing. You should always make sure that the swing you are using is suited for your baby and able to support his weight and age. Always read the baby swing instructions before placing your baby thereon.

Transfer your baby from the swing once he falls asleep

Many mothers make the mistake of letting their babies sleep while still swinging. This can be very tricky and should be avoided, instead transferring the baby to his cot after he falls asleep. The purpose of the baby swing is to soothe and calm your baby and once he falls asleep you should take him off and let him sleep in a different environment. If your baby gets used to sleeping on the swing, putting them to sleep any other way will be difficult and you might be forced to always cradle and swing him whenever the swing isn’t in use.

Don’t stimulate the baby but instead soothe him

A number of portable baby swings come with features such as music, flashy lights, toys and other stimulating options. In most cases, moms are tempted to use all these options including the flashing lights and this stimulates the baby rather than soothing him. You should however avoid this kind of over-stimulation and instead use the swing option only as this will be enough to soothe your baby.

Use the white noise feature

When buying a baby swing, it will be good to go for one that comes with white noise. This feature works well when you want to soothe your baby and put him to sleep. The white noise helps soothe the baby and using it in the best portable baby swings will greatly help calm your baby in a way he’ll sleep and not cause you stress.

Use the ideal recline position

Recline position is designed to keep the baby comfortable while using the baby swing. It is important to know the different positions which are ideal for babies at different ages and use them appropriately on your baby. If your baby is less than 4 months, always use the most reclined position for maximum comfort and safety.

Use the right speeds

The right selection of speed controls is undoubtedly very important when you want to soothe your baby. You must select the right speed based on your baby’s age and keep adjusting according to his preferences. It is always important to know what works for your baby and use it. For toddlers, use low speeds and increase the same as they grow.

Use different melodies

Some baby swings can be boring causing the baby to hate them after a few days. When looking for the best portable baby swing to buy, look for one with a wide range of melodies. You can look for something that gives you nature sounds or tunes which are relaxing and enjoyable to the baby. As your baby continues using the swing, seek to identify the tunes or sounds which are more preferable to him and alternate them during those moments when your baby is swinging.

These tips will help keep your baby your baby calm and relaxed every time he rests on the swing. Always look for the best portable baby swing which had a comfortable padding to help the baby rest comfortably and safely. You should also strap the baby so they don’t fall over especially if he is still too young.