If you are planning to give your bathroom a much-needed makeover, then you need to read the rest of this article. You may be looking forward to renovating your bathroom but you may be short on space which is all the more reason for you to want to review the rest of the article. This article is more of an eye-opener as it shows you how to redecorate small bathrooms with tiles with interesting shades and combinations and make it stand apart. 

  • White Tiles: While using white tiles is a good idea, the problem is that a lot of people are using the same concept. So if you want your bathroom to be unique, then there are quite a few colour combinations that you can go for. The great thing about white tiles is that they make it seem that the bathroom is spacious, which can be quite helpful given that the bath is rather small and limited in size.  Furthermore, if you are planning on installing white tiles in the bathroom, then you should know that they require some cleanup and maintenance as well. You can check in with some of the top tile shops in Auckland, for some of the premium tile choices for your bathroom.
  • Large Tiles: The general rule is that with smaller rooms, you need to go in for smaller tiles. But that is not necessarily the case since large tiles can lend an appearance of ‘largeness’ to the room and make it seem as if it is big. And given the fact that your bathroom is rather small and limited in size, you may want to go in for large tiles to make it seem as if the bathroom itself is large enough.
  • Subway Tile: Given the premium on space, you may want to go in for interesting tile shapes and colours. You can use subway tiles in a herringbone formation which should make it interesting enough. The use of white tiles should give a sense of space and make the bathroom larger than it is. You can even further experiment with the tiles and the overall design to get an attractive and pleasing effect for your bathroom so that it looks distinct and pleasing.
  • Large marble Tiles: If you have a small room, then you have to use smaller tiles or so the logic is supposed to go. But you can opt for large marble tiles which can help create a feeling of ‘large’. You can use these tiles to make the room appear large and at the same time distinct enough so that it merits attention. Just search online for Bathroom tiles NZ to see what’s available.
  • Bubble gum pink: If you love pink, then you can get bathroom installed with bubble gum pink tiles and offset it with white tiles on the walls. The effect should be pleasant, to say the least, and it should help your bathroom stand out for the right reasons.
  • White and Black: For more drama, you can always go in for hexagonal black tiles along with white square tiles on the walls. The effect would be pleasing, trendy and eye-catching. So if you want your bathroom to stand out, then this may well be one of those designs to go for.
  • Beige Tiles: When it comes to using light-coloured tiles on your bathroom floor you can always go for beige since they happen to go with almost anything. You can use them with white and dark tiles, and use the beige background to contrast against the rich background. This will help your bathroom look even more attractive than usual.

These are some of the design tips for your bathroom that should help it to stand out from the rest of your home. You can go in for a simple tile choice or choose something a little harder than most. The right tile arrangement would certainly add colour, flavour and much more to your bathroom and in the process, enable it to stand apart.