In this highly competitive environment, it is becoming crucial for the retailers to present their products in a best possible manner that is both appealing and eye catching. In this way, mannequins hold a significant position in the retail industry. They are the silent sales persons and visual display tools stimulate interest and boost sales. This is why mannequins are preferred choice of the retailers. A right display can attract more customers. So it is necessary to choose a right mannequin for a display that will impress everyone.  Consider these important things while buying mannequins.

  1. The Image Of Store

The main aspect that matters a lot in visual merchandising is the image of a store. A mannequin not only display the things but overall it depicts the culture or image of a brand. So, it is significant to choose a right mannequin by keeping in mind the brand’s value and message that it wants to convey to the audience.
2. Purpose

A mannequin can make or break the look of a retail or a fashion store. They come in different styles, materials, sizes and colors. So, it is important to choose a right one keeping in mind the purpose. For example, in the apparel industry, there are different options available when it comes to choosing mannequin. Fixed or movable mannequin is great for boutiques, but for sport-oriented clothing articulated mannequin is best. So, first of all, establish the business niche and then choose mannequin according to it.

  1. Identifying The Target Audience

A right mannequin can create an impressive display and attract more customers. So, it is important to identify the target audience first to choose a right mannequin. If the target demographic encompasses men or kids, then it is better to explore the variety of male or kid mannequins.

  1. Budget

Another important aspect is the budget that retailers can’t ignore. From designers made to industrially made, they are so many options in the mannequins and similarly prices also vary. The prices of mannequins depend on the material, fabrications, features and so on. A simple headless mannequin is less expensive than the poseable mannequin having facial features.

  1. Material

The mannequins can be made of plastic, fiberglass, wood, resin and metal. All have different features and specifications. Fiberglass is popular these days because of the lightness and increased strength. It is suggested to purchase the best one by keeping in mind the budget and displaying needs.

  1. Color

The color of the mannequin plays a vital role in the visual merchandising. Although harmony and consistency are important, but most of the large brands prefer the color diversity. The basic purpose is to encourage all the people to enter and explore the store. Moreover, the balance in the paint color, lighting and color of the mannequin is also important.

  1. Fixed Vs Adjustable

Mannequins can be fixed and adjustable. From torso to full and fixed to adjustable, there are several categories of mannequins. Adjustable models are popular because they offer more flexibility and allow greater diversification.

These are few most important things you can consider to make a wise decission while buying a suitable mannequin collection for your shop.