Just how many times do you unintentionally pour and throw all your waste items into your washbasin or toilet? Well, we assume this may be happening every day and you don’t even know the drastic effects of your action. In reality, what seems just as a medium of flushing away your waste products is actually called abusing your drainage system. Yes, we are using a very strong word because the consequences of throwing several items in your washbasin or flushing it down a toilet can be too big and can cause huge problems.

 What Not to Throw Down Your Drain?

Your drainage system is often just a few inches wide pipe and can be clogged when several minute items gather or a single thick product gets stuck in it. The result of these is clogged drains, stinky bathrooms, overflowing water from the drains, and lots of inconveniences. Then you are left with the only solution, which is to call Casabene Group for drain cleaning in Melbourne. They are experts in dealing with all kinds of commercial and domestic drainage issues and tend to the problem in a jiffy. But remember, from next time onwards, never let the below-listed items enter your drains at any cost.

  • Ground Coffee — We know you have a very strong point to defend the coffee grounds — these are very fine particles and easily flow down the drain. But in reality, they can cause you a big headache by getting jammed within the drainage system and not budging easily from there.
  • Oil or grease — Oil or grease is no doubt free-flowing when you throw them down the drain. But did you know that they can form a solid layer within your drainage pipes which clogs the system later?
  • Sanitary napkins — It seems quite easy to flush the sanitary napkins! But the consequences of it can be drastic and huge. When the manufacturing company instructs you specifically to throw them in the garbage and not to flush, believe them, they have a very strong reason behind it.
  • Eggshells —It is a basic knowledge not to throw your eggshells in your drain. But in case you are doing it, these already solid shells are going to form a bigger layer of dirt within your plumbing system and give you a tough time later.
  •  Stickers and adhesive —Stickers are mostly made up of plastic material and the adhesive attached to these can be very sticky and adamant. This causes them to stick in your drainage system and form a thick clog. Obviously, the result can be too hefty a mess to handle later.
  • Cotton balls — We all know the tendency of cotton to double in size when it comes in contact with moisture. Well, that’s the reason you shouldn’t throw your cotton balls in your drains.
  • Condoms — Condoms cannot get dissolved in water and get stuck in your drains causing an inconvenient clog. That’s why it’s best to dispose of them in dustbins and not flush them in your toilet.

These items either take very long to dispose of or can’t be dissolved at all in the drains. That’s why if you don’t want a tough time handling your drains, never ever throw them in your toilets and basins.