We’re told all the time to try and be more friendly to the environment. It’s not always easy knowing where to begin, however! Some people think that becoming eco-friendly is going to waste a lot of time and money. Others just aren’t sure how they can fit it into their daily lives. To clear up the confusion we’ve put together seven small, everyday changes everyone can make, to become more eco-friendly.

1. Conserve Water

This is a really easy way to become eco-friendly, without putting in too much effort. Taking quick showers instead of baths is just one way to conserve water. Also, not running the tap when you brush your teeth. How about only filling up the kettle with as much water as you need for a cup of tea or coffee? You can even buy special water saving devices for faucets and showers. These are small changes to make in your everyday life that make a big difference.

2. Make Use of Curtains and Blinds

The window dressings in your home aren’t just there to raise the value of your home, you know? Make use of your curtains and blinds, to reduce the amount of electricity or gas you use. Open the curtains and blinds wide in the summer for light, even during the evenings. Keep them closed during the winter, to keep the heat in. A really quick way to be more eco-friendly.

3. Natural Cleaning Products

Did you know that the cleaning products used in your home could be harming the environment? To be a bit more eco-friendly, consider making your own. It doesn’t take long to rustle up some homemade cleaning products, that you can use time and time again. This will save you money, too!


4. Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Look for eco-friendly alternatives for products you use often. There are websites and shops dedicated to this kind of thing. Sites such as nueday.com specialize in products that are toxic-free and eco-friendly while also being affordable. Have a look online and see if you can find environmentally friendly alternatives.

5. Grow Your Own

This is the perfect way to be more environmentally friendly, especially as it’s a lot of fun to do. Start growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs where you can. Things such as tomatoes are super simple to grow and will save you buying from the supermarket. Again, saving money and the planet.

6. Composting

While we’re on the subject of growing your own. Don’t use commercial fertilizer in your garden, make it instead. You can create compost out of food scraps and old newspaper, quite easily. Use this to fertilize your new vegetable patch!

7. Carpool or Public Transport

Finally, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint then consider alternative transport modes. Buses and trains are your obvious options for greener travel, but they’re not the only ways to be more eco-friendly. Consider carpooling to work or school instead! You’ll even get to use the carpool lane and get there quicker…

These may be very small changes in the grand scheme of things, but they can make such a big difference to the planet. If everyone just tried to do a couple of these, then the whole world would be more eco-friendly!