Is it difficult to cope up with the gruelling work pressure at the office? Does symptoms like nausea, headache, and fever pop up every now and then? Well, it’s most likely that one is stressed out to a great extent. Present-day medical studies and reports suggest the inevitable presence of stress in every person’s life. Whether it is an issue related to the professional life or problems associated with one’s personal sphere, stress emerges as the sole reason.

Stats speak

Taking a quick glance at statistical reports will help in understanding the situation. Medical studies indicate towards the presence of stress in adults, as 43% of them suffer ill health because of stressful conditions. That’s not all; a whopping 75% to 90% of doctor chamber visits happen because of critical ailments related to stress.

In a nutshell, stress can affect one’s internal well-being negatively thus hampering the person’s health and mind. A healthy physique with a sound psyche is what every individual strives to achieve and it is right here that effective stress management and control proves to be important.

How to control and manage stress

Keeping the stress levels under control is a crucial necessity. Excessive pressure and stressful conditions can lead to emotional turmoils and physiological imbalances. Controlling and managing stress smartly is crucial for a healthy life. Here are some exclusive tips to help one do that:

  1. Develop a perspective

Stress can be the outcome of heartbreak, an unexpected failure, or an undesired event. However, one has to keep in mind that all such situations are temporary and short-lived. Nothing is permanent and hence it won’t be justified to lose one’s heart and mind over it. Individuals should try developing a perspective and judge the situation five years down the line.

Will the conditions remain the same? Will a failed promotion matter when they achieve unmatched success in future? If the answers are negative, then one will surely find the right way to deal with stress.

  1. Positive retrospection

People often speak to themselves when they are alone and lonely. Especially, if an undesired incident or unexpected event takes place, they find it difficult to deal with it. This self-talk and retrospection is crucial. However, it has to be in a positive manner.

Individuals should emphasize on positive aspects such as ‘I can’ rather than thinking ‘I Can’t’. That will boost self-confidence and help them deal with stress in a smart way.

  1. Pampering the persona within

It is highly important to identify one’s inner desires and make an effort to fulfil them. The persona matters a lot when it comes to fighting stress. Every person should find time for themselves and pamper their thoughts.

Taking breaks at regular intervals, going for vacations, listening to favourite tracks, dining out, and enjoying peaceful hours of repose are quite important. These activities keep mental imbalances at bay thus restoring one’s inner peace.

  1. Regular exercising can help

Exercises and physical activities like yoga aren’t just associated with one’s physical health. They have unique and extremely positive effects on a person’s mind and helps in soothing the nerves. As a result, stress takes a backseat and an individual finds the right opportunities to stay rejuvenated and refreshed. Some of the essential and effective exercising routines include:

  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Squats
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi


  1. Avoid smoking

The habit of smoking has always been referred to as an antidote for high-stress levels. However, that’s not the truth. Smoking doesn’t help in reducing stress, rather, it increases breathing disorders and might also cause critical ailments such as lungs infection.

One can try smoking alternative if it is difficult to quit, but the effort and commitment to stick to it should be there. This will help you overcome the harmful impact of tobacco smoking and fight stress.

  1. Set realistic goals

Many of the people are aware of the famous saying that states, ‘you should cut your coat according to your cloth’. The principle is true for everyone’s life. It is not wise or justified to set unrealistic expectations and unachievable goals. Failure to fulfil them leads to stress as well as critical stages of depression. Setting small targets and fulfilling them one after the other is a smart of translating dreams into reality. Those who fail to understand these often face critical situations in life.

  1. Avoiding toxicity

Toxicity can enter into one’s life through various paths. It can be the association of toxic companions that leave a person distressed and depressed. Or else it can be a stressful condition that makes things difficult for a person.

Avoiding these people, the situations, and such toxic company can help to a great extent. Individuals will get better opportunities to lead their lives happily.

Signing off

Leading a sound and healthy life is the first step towards achieving happiness. With these smart and effective stress management tips, things will become quite easy for individuals.