A few of us are fortunate enough to take our dogs with us to work, while not all are that lucky. When we are working, our dog to needs to have some fun time, but how do you find someone who will take proper care of your dog just like you? This is a really big dilemma to find out and the services are offered on Craiglist. But what are the signs to know that you’ve got the perfect dog walker for your best furry friend? Well, no worries, mentioned below is a list that can help you out

1. They are extremely fond of dogs :

When we say fond, we mean just as obsessed as you. Would you take the risk of handing over your child to just a stranger? Of course not. The same should be with your dogs. You should find out someone on whom you can place your absolute trust about your furry friend. Your dog walker should be someone who completely amazes you with the way he handles your dog. Make sure the person is trustable.

2. They have high ratings :

Testimonials or resumes can be extremely exaggerating. When you try to find a dog walker, see what other people have to say about him. Or if you find a dog walker for yourself who is just a newbie, you should find someone who can truly swear upon the person’s reliability. Make sure you do not hurry about the process, even if they have the veterinary certificate. Ensure to take things slow.

3. They may have the pet sitter Insurance :

Well, things like this do exist and it is one very important factor when you are getting a dog walker. The insurance of pet sitter certifies that the person is strongly committed towards their work and do their work very calmly. This simplifies that if your dog gets injured while playing or pukes in the vent of your dog walker, the person must be reliable enough. You need to trust your dog walker completely.

4. They’ll keep you updated about your dog :

Now that you know the reviews and done thorough research, you shouldn’t be relaxed. There are other things you should be aware of. There is no one who doesn’t have a smartphone. Make sure that your dog walker has one so he can send you pictures of your dog throughout the day. This way, you will be completely connected with your dog all day.

5. They’re from your neighborhood :

Though it is not much required, if your dog walker is someone from your neighborhood, your dog will be much comfortable with him. The dog will be completely familiar with him. This just adds up to all the advantages. This will be beneficial for you and your dog will be quite comfortable for you.

6. The method of payment is easy :

Checks and cash are so outdated. Ensure that the dog walker you get for yourself has easy payment procedures. Make sure it would be cashless and easy. This way, you wouldn’t need to run to any ATM or give out a tip.

7. They are the spirit animals of your dog :

Suppose you’ve found a dog walker who is obsessed with animals, has exceptional reviews, keeps you updated, has insurance, belongs from a neighborhood and has easy payment methods. All of it is done, but there is one thing you should consider. If they cannot mix well with your dog, what is the use? There are different kinds of dogs with the different personality and unique persona. Some may be energetic, outgoing and would need to exercise a lot. Some are calm and sweet, and just wish to stay on their way. You should find a dog walker who gets along with your dog and treats it perfectly. To ensure that they mix well, just set up a play date and examine their match.

But if you are looking out for a perfect dog walker for yourself, there may be several institutions which can help you. Buckhead Paws are one such. All these organizations take special care of providing you with the most reliable people for your furry kids.