Private hire insurance for various types of vehicles including minicab, minivan, etc. which is mostly used for transporting the passengers in from one destination to another.

They cannot be addressed on the road and need to be booked or hired either from a well-known taxi rank or a selected car hire agency. They are generally hired temporarily, and they can only be accessed by the person who has hired them. This is because the insurance offered by the car hire company is not the same as that offered by the taxi operator. They are available both online and offline.

1.    Premium Amount of Car Hire:

Car hire service providers usually take up an insurance policy on the client’s behalf. The insurance will be provided by the PCO Vehicle hire company and the client pays the premium amount in advance at the time of booking the car. The premium amount may vary depending on the vehicle that needs to be hired and the duration of the hire. The PCO car hires companies do not normally give out the name of the insurance provider.

2.    Different Car Hire Services:

There are different types of car hire services that one can get these days. It depends upon the kind of vehicle that one is using, the type of driver, the length of stay and other factors. When it comes to private hire vehicle insurance, many factors need to be considered before getting any car hire service provider. All such companies require drivers to have a good driving record. If the driver is a repeat offender and has several accidents on the road, then he may find it difficult to get hired again.

3.    Credit History of Driver:

Insurance companies also look into the credit history of the person before making a hire decision. They also check into the driver’s personal information. For instance, if the driver is a person who does not own his car, then he may face problems like no car hire company hiring him after some time. Good driving history and a clean driving record are necessary before a hire company gets an agreement with a driver.

4.    Registration of Vehicle:

When it comes to PCO car hire, the minimum requirement is that the vehicle should be registered in the name of the client. Even though this is not compulsory, it will help the customer to avoid confusion later. If he finds that his car was not insured properly and was not insured for the duration of the hire.

5.    Special Benefits:

In the personal use of the vehicle, there are different regulations. In some cases, personal usage can be made under the ‘public use’ policy of the PCO Vehicle hire company. In such a case, the insurance company provides the driver with special benefits that are provided under this category. These include security, personal liability, baggage insurance, medical cover and even emergency assistance to the client. The driver may get help from the public relations staff if he needs to contact them.

Some PCO car hires companies to offer chauffeur driven cars. These are generally for clients who own a fleet of cars. In this case, the driver is the agent for the company and is responsible for the fleet. This type of car is also more expensive than the personal use ones.

6.    Commercial Vehicles:

Commercial vehicles are more expensive as compared to private ones. There are various types of companies that provide these vehicles like fleet service providers, airport transport and other types of transportation services. The vehicle type depends upon the requirements of the company and the customer.

7.    Provide Important Information:

When a person wants to hire a car from a car hire service company, he has to provide some basic details about the vehicle, the number of passengers, the journey time, the destination and many more. In most cases, the car hire company would ask for some personal details of the customer. like the name of the driver and the passengers, the car model, etc. These details will help the company to know the type of vehicle required.


When a person wants to hire a car from a private hire provider, he has to provide a lot of personal information to the company. The customer will also have to give the registration number of the car, make and year of manufacture and other relevant information about the car. Call Pace Hire to get more information about car hire services.