When you are buying or renovating a house, the floor is an unavoidable part. And people are peculiar about the flooring they want in their brand new home. Some use marble, and some use vitrified tiles. Other common flooring materials are vinyl, hardwood, laminate flooring, Indian patent stone, granite, concrete, terrazzo, red oxide, quartz, etc. All these floorings can be seen in many houses and hotels, but most people prefer tiles over all these options. One can buy tiles from brands like Wilhand, but how did tiles become so popular?

Tiles are often used as floor and wall coverings, and they come in different shapes. The shapes of these tiles can range from simple squares to complex shapes and mosaics.

Tiles are widely used in houses across the globe. It is the most preferred flooring globally. There are many reasons why people prefer tiles over other options. This article will focus on those reasons and the benefits of tiles.

1. Low Maintenance

The tiles are the type of flooring that requires low maintenance. You can wipe off any dirt from tiles with a bit of soap or cleaning liquid. You can apply a sealant on your tile about once every four years, and it will block leakage, insects, and other particles from getting inside or in-between gaps.

2. Durability

They are very resilient to staining and wear and tear. It also has high impact resistance; hence, it can be placed in high-traffic areas. If you drop anything on tiles, the chances of it breaking are meagre. The stain/dirt resistance and high durability make it an ideal choice for people looking for affordable flooring for their house.

3. Water-Resistant

Tiles are highly water-resistant, especially ceramic tiles. Those tiles are a glazed protective layer on their surface, making them resistant to water and liquid stains. And because of this property, tiles are used in bathrooms and swimming pools.

4. Cost-Effective

The ceramic tiles are cost-effective, and they are one of the most affordable flooring surfaces in the market. When comparing the initial purchase cost and installing tiles to the longevity and low maintenance, the tiles are the best option for flooring your house. Some brands like Wilhand offer services like tile cutting, shaping and fabricating, which comes in handy during a huge renovation.

5. Maintain Air Quality

Tiles are mostly fired in kilns at very high temperatures, ensuring they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Unfortunately, the VOCs contribute to many health issues, and other floorings like vinyl and carpet have low VOC output but are still dangerous to health.

6. Eco-friendly

These tiles are generally made of sand, glass, and clay. These materials often get combined with other recycled materials to form ceramic tiles. These materials do the least damage to the earth and water bodies, and you can make sure these are sent for proper disposal.

These tiles also help decrease the room temperature on summer days, reducing the electricity bills.

7. Increases Resale Value of House

The tiles may not be expensive to buy and install, but tiles are an essential factor when you plan to resell your house. A house with a beautiful floor is easy to sell, and if they are in sync with the wall and other decorations/design, the overall look can impress the buyer.

These are the seven reasons you must consider installing tiles in your house.

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