The story of homework is a long and winding one yet very interesting, to say the least. While you can spot lots of changes when it comes to comparing the transformations that have taken place thus far, the debate about it is far from over.  Interestingly, celebrities have not been left behind because some have given a nod of approval about everything homework.

Math Homework-Hated and loved in equal measures

Math is one of those subjects which are part of your basic learning right from the start. You will be pissed off when a lot of assignments on this subject are handed to you for summer holidays or weekends, but the bottom line is, you have to hand in your work when school resumes.

Teachers attach a lot of significance to math. They argue it is the foundation of critical thinking and problem-solving. This largely informs why even if you do understand the subject very well, online math homework helpers are always on standby to guide one through challenging questions.

More reasons to math assignments and celebrities have to say

  • Math is a foundational subject

The success with which you do math homework sometimes depends on reasons people have to give. Leonardo DiCaprio, a renowned Hollywood celebrity once said,

School, I never truly got the knack of. I could never focus on the things I didn’t want to learn. Math is just the worst. To this day, I can’t concentrate on it. People always say, ‘you should have tried harder.’ But actually, I cheated a lot because I could not sit and do homework.”

From Leonardo’s statement, a number of things come to the fore; people urging him to keep trying and cheating in maths because he never did assignments.

  • It helps you think creatively

Another reason why doing math assignment is important is the fact that it has been established to enhance creative thinking. Actually, there are lots of studies backing this claim.

  • Many employers consider math knowledge

If you never took your math assignments seriously, I am almost certain how it daunts the efforts of many job seekers.  Most employers are always interested in finding out about your math homework history. The records are always there.

  • Problem-solving skills

Now, this is arguably the most important reason why you should focus on math homework.  People who solve problems with great ease and speed are definitely good maths.  Assignments on the subject provide you with a chance of acquiring this skill.

  • Assignments enhance your understanding of math

Angelina Jolie, another renowned Hollywood actor, and celebrity says “Homework is hard, especially math. My kids Joke with me. They tell me they have homework. I say’ Okay’ and then I sit down and they say, its math,’ Not Mat, English, history, anything!”

If math is always a challenge, assignments usually present an opportunity for finding help from those who understand it and from which you can learn.

  • Homework instills a sense of responsibility

Now, if really want to find out how responsible you are, it should start right at school. As Kristen Steward, an American model and actress puts it

“Despite what people think, I was such a rule follower at school, I loved the whole slacker look, like Hey, I don’t care, whatever,” “But if I didn’t turn my homework in, I would panic.”

  • Readies you for a life outside of school

By learning more of what has been taught at school, you are better positioned to do well even in future tests. Thomas Friedman, a renowned Journalist and American author once said, “When I was growing up, my parents told me, finish your dinner. People in China and India are starving for your job.”

In conclusion, every student needs to take his or her math homework seriously. The future always depends on these very acts of learning. Sentiments made by some of the most successful people about math assignment should equally serve to fire you up.