Virtual Reality has been a craze since the beginning of the millennial years. However, today it has increased so much that almost anything is possible. The gaming industry has made good use of VR technology. They have made games so intense that gamers have become quite addicted. VR is definitely the new and best way to game. To increase your knowledge on the latest and hottest games this year, here are seven VR games that you need to play.

  1. The Talos Principle

Have you ever been bored of regular puzzles? Here’s an idea, how about having a virtual reality puzzle game! The Talos Principle has received lots of praise from game critics for its refined version. The game involves moving in a strange but fascinating world where the player must find and solve puzzles along the way. Another interesting fact was that it was originally a regular video game and is still available in those versions. However, Virtual Reality versions of the game were released in 2017. Gamers were excited about the newly enabled versions and even got non-puzzle fanatics interested in the game.

  1. Robo Recall

Although it is only exclusively available on Oculus Rift, this game has been quite the rage. True to its name, the game involves an utterly futuristic world where robots dwell. Although it is a fighting game, it does involve some comedy. This makes it unique from stereotypical robot video games. You can teleport as well use a whole load of different weapons to protect yourself. The fighting begins after a peaceful world is disrupted when the robots go haywire. Sounds interesting right? Well, if it does, imagine how amazing all this will look in VR!

  1. Echo Arena

This is another game that is exclusive to the Oculus Rift. The game involves an arena in which the player has to indulge in an epic zero-gravity battle. What’s better is that you will play the game as a robot yourself! There’s nothing more epic than that. Awesome news for Oculus users is that the game will remain free forever! The design and graphics make the game a must-play for all gamers out there. The game involves not only battle all the time, but some practice sessions in the echo arena lobby as well.

  1. Beat Saber

A multi-platform game, the new Beat Saber involves gamers having to slash around with their controllers in order to go according to the beat of a song. The song plays in the background which makes this an excellent rhythm game. However, what is more interesting is that this is a fusion game. Think of it as a Star Wars meets dance game. Whilst playing the game, the challenge is to knock off different blocks with the saber whilst going along the track playing.

  1. Skyrim

This is a very popular VR game that works on various platforms. If you’re into fantasy and adventure games, this one is the best you’ll find. And of course, the virtual reality makes it so much better. Although it is a somewhat dated interface, you cannot miss playing the VR version of the popular game. It is now also available with all the original DLCs. The game can be played on platforms like steam and PS4. Follow the story of depth, scale and immersion with the new and improved Skyrim. You can get the ultimate epic-fantasy experience. This includes not only battling massive and ancient dragons but also exploring the land from head to toe.

  1. End Space

If you’re a Samsung Gear VR owner, you’re in for a treat. This popular game is exclusive to this device only but has taken over the world of mobile VR experiences. Although the past few years have been the rage of Virtual Reality gaming on PC devices alone, the mobile ones aren’t all that bad. End Space validates our point.

  1. Moss

Have a family-friendly VR experience with this adventure game. This is a Playstation VR exclusive and is a must-play for sure.