Keeping your house clean is a constant chore. And even when it is clean, a fresh and pleasant smell is still what fulfills a neat house to be called a comfortable and livable home. To get rid and tame bad smells, here are some easy and natural ways to help you.

  1. Open the windows.

 Let the bad smell go out and the good to come in. Allow the air to circulate and replace the bad odor with a fresh one. But if the weather and environment is bad outside, you may use exhaust fans to improve the quality of air and effectively remove the unpleasant indoor smell.


  1. Take out the source of bad smell.                                            

Simply taking the smelly things out of your house is already a great effort to at least stop the spread and continuity of the bad smell floating around the room.  Bring your garbage outside, throw rotten food from the fridge and start washing the piled used clothes. But to completely remove the smell, make sure that you also clean the garbage can and the fridge or where the source was located before.

  1. Wash the carpets and curtains.

Bad odor sticks to fabric materials fast. Especially for carpets which are always stepped on, they must be constantly washed by cleaning resources like baking soda and white vinegar. But if they are not enough, other stronger products like carpet Cleaning Adelaide can be used that can also remove the dirt. Curtains that are affected first by the bad air outside should also be regularly washed  well for the room to maintain a nice smell.

  1. Use baking soda.

Because baking soda can absorb stinky odor, placing a cup of it in the fridge has been proven to help eliminate any disgusting smell. It can also be added with hot water to clean garbage cans, shoes, socks and other reeking things and cloths.

  1. Use white vinegar.

White vinegar can also be used as it is a natural deodorizer. Leave a bowl of it near the toilet and it will help kill funky toilet smells. With its strong composition and smell, white vinegar is a great tool to get rid of both stains and odor that can also be applied when washing clothes. This allows the clothes to have a fresh scent. It can even eliminate cigarette smoke by waving a towel with drops of white vinegar around the house.

  1. Use natural fragrances.

Instead of spraying air fresheners which are full of chemical ingredients, organic fragrances may be used for a better and healthier option. A bowl of lemons can keep the air fresh or its juice can be used for a citrusy aroma. Flowers may be put as well for a sweet fragrance in the house.

  1. Grow plants.

Having household plants can keep the air in the house clean. Grow a few plants, herbs or flowers to improve and purify odors.  Not only will you smell and breathe fresher air, but this will also assist you in living a healthier lifestyle with the good environment you keep.


Cleaning and maintaining your house free from bad smells may be a hassle to do if you are a busy person. But with these very easy and inexpensive ways to be followed, you may now enjoy living your space effortlessly with a pleasant smell and clean air.