Flowers are unique in their virtues by many ways but some are special as they are rare and expensive as well. Presenting such flowers to someone who is very special to you can be a cherishable moment for the whole life. The expensiveness reveals the love and care that you hold for that particular person.

Here is the list of 7 most expensive and of course beautiful flowers:

1. Hydrangea: This elegant small stem flowers are lovely circular flowers which is unique in it color and cluster. They are of various colors, such as, blue, violet, white, pink, etc. Almost $7 per stem, this shrub is hard to cultivate and can wilt on the same day. Despite that it is commonly used on different occasions like wedding, birthdays, etc. That is why it is unique and special.
2. 17th Century Tulip Bulb: Lush and deep colors, shape and simplicity are the commonalities of this flower. Its enormous value in 17th century gave it the present name and it also justifies its value. More than $5000 in that era shows the value of this flower on its own.
3. Saffron Crocus: Purple color with yellow stamen makes this flower beautiful and appealing. It is more famous for being a spice than a flower. It costs around $1200 to $1500 per pound. The cost is justified as it takes 80,000 flowers to make 500gm of spice from the yellow stamen, all of which are hand-picked and dried.
4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid: This is highly costly due to its rarity and beauty. Long and green petals with red spot this flower is only found in the Kinabulu national park of Malaysia. It costs $6000 per piece.
5. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid: It is a completely hand made flower and got its name from the groups on which the experiment was conducted. It took eight years for the researchers to grow and develop this flower. It costs approx. $200,000. It is rare and delicate in taste as well.
6. Juliet Rose: This flower made its debut in 2006 and took the world by storm by its loveliness and elegance. It took 15 years to make this flower and its value is almost $15.8 million.
7. Kadupul Flower: It is priceless as it can’t be picked without causing damage to it. It only blossoms at night and dies before dawn. It is known for its calming and soothing fragrance.

Send the bouquet to your beloved online or mark a precious occasion with one of these expensive flowers. So, whatever is the occasion, however big be the occasion you are never out of the color and fragrance of flowers.