The image source is Pexels.

Pregnancy and bringing a newborn home are powerful experiences. Regardless of whether it’s your first baby or third, your life is bound to change. Moments during pregnancy and the first few months after bringing your newborn home are fleeting. For this reason, you should invest in newborn photography to capture these special moments. This article outlines moments that you should consider photographing as a new mother.

Mother-to-Be and Her Partner

As you expect your baby, you should capture romantic moments with your partner. These images will help you commemorate moments before your life changed. For the perfect shot, the mother should be positioned in front with her beautiful belly accentuated. You can stand in front of your partner and him embracing you from behind. For a more intimate moment, the father-to-be can kiss you on the neck or cheek. You can also find other fun ideas if you look online for inspiration.

Parents and Future Big Sibling Moment

If the baby you’re expecting is not your first, it is advisable that you capture a maternity moment with the older siblings-to-be. You as the mother-to-be should be positioned at an angle towards your camera. If the sibling is young enough, you can pick him/her and hold him/her close to your body. This will portray the love you have for your older children while at the same time heightening the beauty of your pregnancy.

Newborn Session

Do not forget to capture the tiny and fine details showcasing your baby’s perfections. These images are better captured with the baby in its mother’s hands. Hold your little one in your arms and embrace it for an intimate image. This will not only remind you of the fine details of perfection but how delicate and soft your baby was. A professional newborn photographer can crop in tight to highlight details such as hands, the little back rolls, and feet photos that will look so cute hanging up in your home.

Coming-Home Moment

A newborn shoot session should capture many photos showing the celebration of the growing family. When these images are captured within your home, they will showcase your unique personality and style. You should have these moments captured all-around your home. Capture the new family having a good time in the kitchen. You should appear at the center of these shots because the woman is known to be the core in most homes.

The family members should not focus on the camera but rather hug or kiss each other. The main theme here is showing the love, affection, and bond within the family. You can also take random unaware moments to tell the story as it is.

Baby-Momma Bonding Time

As a new mother, you will want to have to close up images of you holding your newborn. Since a baby grows up too fast, you want to remember how tiny and perfect your baby was. You should hold your baby in the most natural way to avoid awkward positions. Simply enjoy every moment with your newborn. By having the photos taken slightly above, the entire frame will be filled by you and your baby. This will remind you how it felt to hold your baby when you look at these images later in life.

Parents and their New Baby

This is a moment of love with parents showing their love to their new family member. You can capture this moment laying down. The dad can lay on his back and place the little one on his chest. The mom can lay next to her husband and place a hand on the baby’s back. To add some romance, you can kiss your partner. These images are shot from above the heads, which is a flattering angle, and it allows connection between the parents and the child.

Older Siblings Moment

If there are older kids in the house, you should consider having photos of them with their new younger sibling. You can place them all in bed with the newborn swaddled up and placed on the sibling’s lap. The older sibling can kiss the newborn. This is a photo that will bring you joy and love as a mother whenever you look at it.


Newborn, family, and maternity photography is a great way to remember and celebrate a new mother. This is an investment that will last you a lifetime.