Chances are you have been thinking about making your living rooms look better. Even if you do not have the huge budget, you can make any room look better. Here are 7 key decorating tips that can help you any room in your house look better and more attractive:

1. Mix Textures

When you no more find a particular room in your house no more attractive, some simple mixture of various attractive textures can make it look a lot more gorgeous and attractive. You can add rugs, throws and accent cushions to add different textures. You can simply add some ideas with metal mixed with wood, rattan or natural woven fabrics.

2. Add Different Layer To The Lighting

Lighting is always a very important tool to make any room attractive. When you add different layers of lighting, it can look a lot different from a room with just a single layer of lighting. Proper lighting in any room can simply elevate the mood of any room in your home. You can just look for creative places for an extra floor lamp, sconce or a small table lamp.

3. Add Some New, Decorative Accessories Where You Feel Appropriate

Adding some simple accessories such as a quirky bowl or statement vase can make a big difference. In this case, you may have to take some risks by updating some classic and timeless elements in your room and make them look current and your own.

interior design 2

4. Just Add A Simple Base

A simple but attractive base along can be a game changer! Yes, look for some perfect options to make the base more attractive and then the furniture in the room may look far more fitting and attractive.

5. Create More Room For Easy Movement

Sometimes rooms can be too crowded with furniture and various decorative elements. So, you can identify the ones that are not adding much value to the room. While the goal should be to your movement easier in the room, you should find the room more attractive as well. You should already know which rooms in your house are too crowded and the ones less crowded with furniture and other stuff. So, you can just move some elements from one room to other to make a difference.

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6. Be Creative With Paint Colors

The old colors of your room may no more look gorgeous to you. So, you may want to re-paint the room. Just look out for best paint color combination in a creative way. Yes, it can be a little tricky as sometimes people pick too dark colors and the lighting in the room may never look good in a darker room. So, be careful with that and choose some of your favorite colors. You can just look out for ideas online before you make your final decision.

7. Create A Focal Point

Not all the elements in a room should play the leading role in your design. There should be something in particular that will define the design of the entire room. So, design the whole room making a single element or decorative item or furniture the focal point and all other elements play the secondary role. This is like a movie or any production where there are many roles played by many people. This simple tactic can take your design the next level.


Designing a room is always fun. But it hiring a professional interior designer can help you save money and time, have design with WOW factors, and can significantly increase the price of your property. Santa Monica interior designers take pride in making your average living room look gorgeous within your given budget. If you are from Los Angeles, just look out for the best interior design companies in Los Angeles and hire one that you find most professional and affordable. Remember “no incredible interior design happen by chance”.