The kitchen is one of the primary rooms in any home. Whether you have plans to sell your home soon or it is simply time to bring things into the 21st century, the kitchen is a great place to start, and it does not require as much money as you might think. Let us look at seven modern kitchen designs tips that can help to redesign your kitchen.

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

If your sink is in good shape, you may just need new fixtures. Fixtures are easy to install and do not usually require any fancy tools. You may just need some nimble fingers to fit into tight spaces. If your sink needs to be replaced then you can attach the fixtures before installing the sink.

I would plan on a fixture that costs about $150. Do not go cheap here and get something plastic or plain. Find something modern looking. Sinks are not too expensive either and can be easily installed.



The second area is your countertops. This may be one of the most expensive areas and may require you to have it installed. Countertops should be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Natural materials such as granite and marble are the best for countertops as they are easy to clean and hard wearing.

Synthetic materials include ceramic materials and different types of tiles which come in all shapes, sizes, and colors with finishes to suit the needs of any kitchen design. Granite is one of the most popular tops right now, but I actually prefer a granite-like material called Corian. There are also tile and concrete options.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

The fourth area is your cabinets. Most people do not need new cabinets, they just need two things. First, they need new doors. Take off the old doors and replace them with glass doors or something that looks classy. Look through several magazines until you find what you want. Second, the cabinets may need to be stripped, sanded, and either painted or refinished. These two improvements will make a fifty-year-old kitchen look brand new.



Flooring should match the decor of the kitchen and give it a sense of modernity. Tiles are the easiest to clean but other materials such as wooden floorboards can give a rustic feel to a kitchen.


The third area is your stove. For under $1,000 you can get a very modern stove. You could certainly spend half of that, but it would not be much of an upgrade would it? Get a few extra bells and whistles with your stove. An old or cheap stove sticks out like a sore thumb. I would plan on upgrading your stove at the same time you are upgrading your countertops. Get the most stove you can afford.


When it comes to lighting, the fixture you choose can create a special ambiance in the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting and specially located fixtures to light up workspaces is an important consideration. LEDs are a better alternative to fluorescent lighting as they last longer and are cheaper in the long run, sometimes cutting energy consumption by half.

Accessorize Your Kitchen


Accessorizing your kitchen is another great kitchen modernization aspect. The kitchen, just like the living room, should be both welcoming and cozy. Modern kitchen accessories include antiques, collectibles, chandeliers, photographs, modern utensils and appliances, flower vases, wall paintings, small plants, fruit bowls, and other decorative pieces.

When redesigning your kitchen, proper preparation will help deliver the desired overall effect you desire. There are always other projects that can be done, but these are seven projects that you can do within the course of one year that will modernize and improve your kitchen.