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Proteins are the construction blocks of the body as they are used to build tissues such as muscles and tendons and other essential molecules required by the body such as hormones. They are made up of molecules known as amino acids. From the food we take, our body can get this life sustaining molecules. Thus, intake of proteins in our body is very necessary both for our general growth and to as a remedy for some diseases such as kwashiorkor. High protein foods are foods that are very rich in proteins. They offer a large amount of protein when eaten as compared to other foods deemed to contain proteins.

Health Benefits of protein intake

Intake of high protein foods can be used as a remedy for weight loss. These foods ensure that you are full most of the times, reducing the consistent hunger that makes people want to eat more. Also, when proteins are being processed, lots of calories are burnt thus leading to weight loss. According to studies, an intake of about 10 grams of the essential amino acids per given meal has been linked with less belly fat. This is because it protects against fat gain as it is the maximum amount required to stimulate protein synthesis, yielding more strength for the body, greater muscle mass and greater thermic effect of food.
When you eat a diet with high protein foods, you are guaranteed to build stronger muscles and consequently stronger bones. In essence, hormone IGF-1 action increases the intake of more proteins. This hormone is a major regulator of bone metabolism. Amino acids gotten from the proteins are used to build bones thus strengthening the bones. Bone density is also increased, and the risk of osteoporosis occurring decreased. You will still benefit in terms of brain power.

Seven High Protein Foods

We will look at those high protein foods that are plant based. They are awesome because they can be eaten by all persons including the vegetarians. They include:
1. Lentils
They are the most known sources of proteins. Also, they are full of carbohydrates and fiber. They are easy to cook as you only need to add some seasoning and spices to enhance their taste and flavor.
2. Chia seeds
They are rich in omega three fatty acids. Their nutrients improve the working of the brain. Their intake ensures production of chemical messenger that are essential for the production of energy, being alert all the time, optimal cognition and motivation. These nutrients are known to keep common brain disorders such as schizophrenia at bay, as we age. Chia seeds added in foods that need some natural thickening. This is because they turn into a gel-like substance when they absorb water.
3. Almond Nuts
These are a great source of protein. Sprinkle the nuts on top of any meal, salad inclusive, to increase their healthy fats and proteins in the meal. Also, the sweet almond oil can be used on the skin to protect from the many harsh conditions it’s exposed to and also leave it radiant and stunningly beautiful.
4. Quinoa
This gluten-free seed is full of protein and fiber, keeping hunger pangs at bay. They can be used as great alternatives for rice, and other whole grains thus will greatly help in cutting down on carbohydrates.
5. Beans
With their high content in proteins and fiber, they keep you full for longer and ease digestion. They can be added to soup and stews, making the meal even healthier, and the kids don’t even have to know. They are considered to be starch protein just like lentils.
6. Green Peas
Apart from their sweet taste, they are also full of proteins and fiber. In every cup of peas, the content of proteins is 8 grams. Also, it contains Leucine, an amino acid that is so rare to find in plants. This amino acid is essential in weight loss and metabolism. Sprinkle these delicacies in your meals throughout the day.
7. Hemp Seeds
For every teaspoon of these seeds, you get approximately four grams of protein. With their tiny size, they can be added anywhere in your meal giving you an abundance of proteins.
Proteins are full of benefits for your body composition and general health. They will also help you in keeping diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes at bay. However, as you take them, don’t forget that there are also the other essential makers of a balanced diet i.e. carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They are equally important. With an intake of these high protein foods, you will find the aging journey quite simple as you will have saved yourself a lot of conditions common with aging. Call it aging well and gracefully if you may. This is the definite way to go if you haven’t already started.


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