Lifestyle in the metropolitan cities is very hectic not just for adults but for kids as well. As a parent, it is important to monitor what your child eats and how many hours of physical activities he/she puts in a day. For motivating your kids to have a healthy lifestyle, it is importance for the parents to adopt healthy eating and a good lifestyle right from the beginning. Being fit should not be a routine but a lifestyle.

With technology playing a major role in our lives nowadays, children refuse to go out and play in the sun but would rather stay in and play a video game munching on some junk. For this, there are certain getaway activities which should be appealing enough for the kids to spend time outdoors. Some of them are:

  • Family Bike Ride: A family that plays together, stays together. It will be exciting for the kids to do some activity like this. Besides it is amazing way to lure the kids outside and a good chance to spend time with them.
  • Make things interesting: Kids can get easily bored by doing the same exercises every day. To make things interesting for them find out certain activities which they find interesting to do and are actually fun. One such activity is paintball. This activity is a perfect blend of fun and burning some calories. Although, this cannot be played on a regular basis but occasionally it can be done to make things interesting. Some estimates even show that one hour of playing paintball games can burn up to 400 calories by way of running, squatting, crawling and more.
  • Take on some fitness challenge: There are various fitness challenges that you can take like 30-Day Plank challenge which improves not just your core muscles but helps in toning the entire body. It can be as basic as increasing 500 meters of running every day. Kids will watch you do all this and in no time will join you as well seeing the amount of fun you are having.
  • An Adventure Day Out: You will not really have to drag your kids outdoors for this because they will willingly come with you. As a kid, the sound of an adventure is appealing enough for them. Take them on a short trek just on the outskirts of the city. This is an amazing way to hit two targets with the same stone by keeping your kids close to nature and even engaging them in these workouts. Backpack travelling, trekking or an adventure day out can be an amazing way to connect with your children and making them want for more.
  • Adventure Sports: Again same like adventure day out, but in this case there are different kinds of sports involved like rock climbing, rappelling, water rafting etc. The adrenaline rush it gives is enough to motivate your kids to do more of such activities. Incorporating sports with adventure is and has always been an amazing way to try something new and test your limits. One important thing that sport teaches you is to face failures and then strategize yourself to not repeat those mistakes again, it is scientifically proven to improve your decision making skills.
  • Swimming: This activity acts like a water therapy which not only relaxes your muscle but even relaxes your mind. Swimming is one of the best activities to build your child’s immune system. Also Did you know that babies are natural swimmers and Hydrophobia is just a state of mind? Yes, you heard it right. Make sure to take your kids swimming from a very young age so that they don’t end up building such phobias in their minds. Healthy mind with a healthy body has to be worked on since childhood.
  • Saddle up: Horse riding is also an amazing activity to keep your child engaged in such outdoor activities. Besides spending time with animals will always help them in being empathetic because animals bring out the emotions in a person. Though, it can be a little expensive affair but doing such a thing once in a while can encourage your child to stay outdoors.
  • Skating: An activity which used to be a popular sport amongst the 90’s kids. This kind of activities makes your calf muscles and legs stronger and also trains your mind the art of balance. It also helps build up the core and pelvic muscles strong.

We can list down numerous such activities, but how well can you use them on your kids is an important thing. A Child is said to be a blank piece of paper, whatever you write, he/she will abide by it their entire life. So make sure what you are writing on your child’s blank paper, a healthy lifestyle or a compromised lifestyle. The choice is yours.