What is the percentage of chemical components in the fruit and vegetables we consume? Have you noticed the time taken for the fruits to start decay process? Have you ever felt that they are too good to believe? Have you wished that you could do something productively instead of grumbling? The answer to these questions determines the importance of this article and possibly the future of your children. We all aspire the best for our offspring and vegetable lace with chemicals is one of them. The organic products available in the market are quite expensive. Is it possible to grow them yourself? It is very much possible. Most of us imagine garden as vast lands filled with loads of greenery and exotic flowers. You can create your unique version of your garden from the comfort of your own home. Here are few gardening tips which will help you to create your green garden.

Visualize Your Garden

Gardening is like having a relationship. The language spoken by the plants have a soothing effect on the human. It brings positivity in the house and cleans the air. The first step to be taken while deciding the garden would be to plan it. You can grow a sudden interest in a potted plant. However, a garden would require more planning and focus. It would be ok to start small, and it would be ideal to take of the available space. Visualize the garden and create a plan accordingly. You can also start small and slowly build your eco-garden. Start dreaming now.

Select The Right Plants

Whatever you plant vendor says, all plants do not grow in all conditions. It is essential to classify the plants which would be ideal for your climatic conditions. Developing a plant is not easy and does take much effort. Selecting a plant which might have difficulty in that particular atmosphere could be disappointing. The place of the garden also matters when it comes to choosing the plant. Some people set up the garden on the ground level, while others would develop it in the balcony of their flats. Some plants need a more extended root space which others do not. You might also select complementary plants.


Look Out For Eco-Friendly Substitutes

Creating a garden would involve a substantial amount of work and materials. It is not right to use plastic and non-degradable items to develop your eco-friendly garden. The exceptional way to follow would be to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This technique utilizes the available resources which cause minimal damage to the environment. You can reuse the items at home as fencing, water sprayers, etc. You can make arrangements for natural lights instead of using electricity.

Maintain A Natural Fertilizer Unit

Plants growing even in the home atmosphere also need fertilizers to develop correctly. This is mainly because the soil loses its nutrients over a period and would need to be replenished. Since we are talking about the green garden, you can create your fertilizer bin. The bin is generated by adding the vegetables and fruits wastes. It is best to avoid meat and fish in this unit. These ingredients over a period will become the best available fertilizer on the market. Earthworms are called the farmer’s friend to signify its ability to replenish the soil.

Rain Water Harvesting

This water preservation technique is quite popular in most countries across the globe. Water is slowly becoming a rare commodity, and most of us are yet to realise the significance of saving it. Plants require water to grow up, and this water can be obtained from the excellent source itself, rain. The rainwater harvesting technique helps us collect rainwater by installing half open pipes around the roof. This water is saved in barrels or underground troughs which can be used for the plants and other household activities. Barring the initial installation cost, it is one of the simplest and cheapest methods for water saving.

Prepare A Realistic Plan

Most people have a long list of plants which they wish to cultivate in their garden. However, it is essential to stay practical during the entire process. What we wish and what is possible are two different things in gardening. It needs constant dedication and regular care. Hence it is imperative to adhere to a realistic plan before building castles in the air.

Involve Your Friends And Family

Developing a garden is not a one-person job. It is an art which should be cherished by all. It is essential to include all the family members to help them understand the joy of gardening and significance of the project. Start small and assist them to develop a skill set for themselves. It would be an excellent bonding activity too.
Starting and creating a green garden is the primary step towards protecting the environment as well your family. Like every plant, a garden will take its own sweet time to attain the form envisioned by you. However, every step in the process is worthwhile and help you become a better individual.