7 Common Causes of A Gym Injury

Are you a workout freak who loves to go to the gym and does not miss a day? Then you need to be extra careful while workout out as any injury caused may take many days to heal costing you many workout days.

Following are the most common causes of gym injuries:

1. No Stretching:

One of the worst things you can do while working out is to not stretch before. Do not get confused between stretching and warming up. Stretching needs to be done before warming up to flex your stiff muscles to avoid any kind of injury. Stretching should also be performed after weight training which will help in eliminating any muscle pain and next day soreness caused due to heavy workout session.

2. Insufficient Warm-Up:

Now let me explain the importance of warm up. Warm-up is nothing but low-intensity exercise like walking or spot jumping to increase the blood flow in the body before a heavy workout session. This improves your body’s mobility and flexibility. Do a 10-minute warm-up with multiple reps before you start with your workout session.

3. Wrong Technique:

Weight training exercises involve working with weights and machines and it is quite intense. Hence, if you are doing it incorrectly, it may cause you major injury. If you are new to the gym, hire a personal trainer to help you improve your posture. Watch yourself in the mirror if possible while performing workouts. If you are not aware of how to use a machine, better ask someone or avoid using it as gym injuries take longer to heal.

4. Bearing Overweight:

Strength training involves working with heavy weights hence there are high chances of injury. Gradually increase the weight which you can handle. Do not shift to too much of weight suddenly as your body may not be ready for that kind of a sudden load increase. Muscle injury may take many days to recover and if you injure yourself, you may need the help of professionals such as ProHealth Chiropractic to gain back a pain-free life.

5. Lack of Concentration

Many people who get injured during workout get distracted and invite injury. During a workout session, you need to be vigilant about what you are doing and what others are doing as anything can be a potential hazard. If you can put in your 100% concentration during a workout, there are very low chances of you being injured.

6. Improper Gym Equipment:

Wear the right clothes and shoes in the gym in which you are comfortable while working out. Make sure that the shoes give your sole enough comfort and support. Wear kneecaps while doing heavy leg training. Do not wear too loose or too tight clothes while working out so that your skin can breathe.

7. No Time for Body Recovery:

Strength training every day is the biggest mistake as your muscle needs rest. You will feel muscle soreness after 24 hours of strength training due to the creation of lactic acid in the muscle while strength workout which can be used as a fuel for doing cardio and the pain will subside. Hence maintain a routine of cardio and gym on alternate days. Also, do not forget to take a day or two off from the gym every week.

Training in the gym can give you good fitness results but over-training can cause serious injuries hence stick to moderation and know your limits.

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