Burbanks is in LA country, California where you will feel the city turned into a town and has many options to explore while you’re visiting.it is known to be the home of Warner Bros and Walt Disney, you can also visit their studios here which are considered historically important along with being amusing for the movie lovers. You can visit lovely markets, parks, and some really beautiful walking trails. Make reservations with Southwest Airlines official site and get exciting offers!

Let us plan out what all you need to add to your to-do list!

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park is the main area of art on the Boulevard. Here you will find vintage cloth stores and you can also visit quirky corners. Coffee shops and cafes hosted live music performances and it is usually bustling with locals.

Flappers Comedy Club

If you enjoy stand-ups, then Flappers Comedy Club is the place to be. You can have drinks and delicious snacks here. You might also have surprise comic artists which will make your visit definitely worth it. Kids can also enjoy the shows that they show here in a separate area.

Burbank Farmers Market

Burbanks Farmer is where you can find the best local produce, which is the fresh cuts and has been locally curated and tourists love to buy such fresh and healthy produce. You can also find some really fine bakeries which are highly recommended.

Warner Brothers Studio

If you are a big movie buff then do not miss out on the Warner Brothers studio. They have self guides and guided tours where you will learn so much about shooting, behind the scenes, and also how a film is produced. YOu can also see the famous exhibit of costumes and scripts which are of historical movie significance.

Brace Canyon Park

Brace Canyon Park, is known for its little adventure and most exciting places in the city. It is not a park but also a place where people can socialize and engage in activities like zip lining and tennis.. If you feel like having a relaxing time then you should definitely head to the park and relax by the large trees and read a book on the grassy lawns.

Los Angeles Equestrian Center

The Los Angeles Equestrian Center is for people who want to understand the culture of Burbank from a Vantage point. You can enjoy horse riding and see some movie shoots which are also near to the studios in the neighborhood.

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney is where you can learn about the history and movies of Disney. The kids love to hear the stories. The guided tours will leave you with movie trivia and you will be amazed if you are really a Disney fan. You cannot miss out on this part if you visit Burbank.

Places to stay in Burbank:

  1. Ramada- It is known for its comfortable and decent rooms, with outdoor pools and complimentary breakfast. Families love that the hotel is within the budget.
  2. Hampton Inn and Suites- It is known for its luxurious room, outdoor pool, and excellent customer service.
  3. Holiday Inn and suites- People recommend Holiday Inn because of its luxury as well as how it is within the budget. The kids also love to stay here as they also have a kids pool.

Other things to do in Burbank when you are visiting:

  1. Smell the vibrant and beautiful flowers in Descanso Garden
  2. Explore and stroll around in the downtown area.
  3. Watch the Hollywood sign and enjoy the sunset.
  4. Attend a concert at the Starlight Bowl and have a fun time with family
  5. Take a tour to look at the celebrity homes which can be really fun and interesting, maybe you might even stumble upon some famous actor when you are touring around.
  6. Watch a play at Griffith Park, which can be fun when you are with your family.
  7. Definitely take a tour around the Walt Disney and spend some time here to watch a show.
  8. Be closer to nature and wildlife, visiting the LA zoo.

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