We spend a lot of our time traveling from one place to another, whether as a passenger or as a driver. If we are spending so much time in our car that itself is so much expensive, shouldn’t we be comfortable in it? If the discomfort has upset you too, window tinting is something that is inevitable.

An auto window tint is a thin film that is installed on the inner side of the glass in a car. These are made up of various materials that are used for a different purpose that it intends to solve. You can find a good authorized dealer and installer for window tinting in Woodbridge VA, that will guide you about the type of tint that is best for you.

There are many benefits of window tinting that we will be discussing here:

  1. Stay Cool: Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of installing a window tint is protection from the Sun’s heat. It doesn’t matter if the weather is cool or not, if your skin is bombarded with sun rays, it will cause intense discomfort to you. Window tint helps attain a cool temperature by blocking the sun rays from entering the vehicle.
  1. Blocks Harmful UV Rays: According to various dermatological institutes, the harmful radiations from the sun such as the UV rays are responsible for 90% of all the skin cancers. There are many window tints that can block the UV rays up to 99%. This will keep you from getting red spots and sunburns.
  1. Keeps Your Interiors And Personal Stuff From Degrading: We know that the sun rays not only harm our skin but also are harmful to most fabrics and plastics. These rays degrade, fade, change color, weaken and break down the material when exposed for a long time.
  1. Safety From Smash-and-grab Incidences: The tint films don’t only make your valuables hard to see but it also makes the glass more tough and hard to smash. These films absorb shock and distribute it evenly, thus making it difficult to break. This will also save you at the time of an accident since the glasses will remain intact and won’t cause you any injury.
  1. Privacy: We all know that in today’s world, privacy is very important. The tinting ensures that nothing is visible inside the car and your privacy is insured. There are some metallic tints available that make seeing inside the vehicle almost impossible.
  1. Reduce Debilitating Glare: When you drive, many a time it happens that the Sun is on one corner of your windshield which makes it really difficult to navigate and read the sign boards. For this, you can tint your windshield on the top edge. Special tints are available for this purpose too.
  1. Stylish: If you watch movies, you must have seen tinted car windows being projected as some style symbol. It is true and most people believe tinted glasses to be more stylish than the ones without the tint.

Note: It is important to know how much tint is allowed in your state as there are some states in which some types of tinting is banned under the law.

There are mainly six different types of tints available in the market they are:

  1. Dyed Window Tints
  2. Metallized film
  3. Hybrid tints
  4. Carbon tint film
  5. Ceramic films
  6. Nano carbon ceramic particles film

Each one of them has a different property and use. The price of these tints also varies a lot and it is advised to know them before you make any decision.

You should always get your car tinting done from professionals that are experienced in this field. It is a one-time investment and must be done with utmost care.