USB flash drive are the small and simple devices, but their importance in this digital world can not be underrated.These flash drives can be used across various industries and are beneficial to anyone who uses or owns a computer.

USB flash drives make a great giveaways for a number of events from educational orientations to business conferences. They can be a cool option to gift to your clients, friends and fans giving them the impression that you’re innovative and always willing to make them happy by trying out new things. So, you can use USB flash drives to promote any of your resource instead of CDs, DVDs and plain old papers.


In this post, you’ll find out how versatile your thumb drive can be; by using these little-known creative ways to embrace a wide range of industries in their promotions. It is difficult to think what promotional USB flash drives can offer other than it’s tech capabilities. Hence, we’ve put together a list of awesome ways you can try them at your next promotion:

Creative Ways of Using Flash Drives For Your Business Promotion 

  1. Releasing Your Music In Awesome Flash Drives: Many famous musicians and artists from Lady Gaga to Rollin Rockers, have released albums in USB flash drives. The reason is simple – they can pack in MP3 files in addition to exclusive music videos, interviews, band member profiles, games and many more. Music industry is the best example of how a particular industry has utilised custom USB drives in a very unique way. From distributing album releases to fan merchandise and tickets or passes for live events have never been so easy than with the promotional high tech USB flash drives.
  1. Distributing Your Presentation On Imprinted Flash drives:  If you are speaking at a class or conference, a convention, putting a copy of your presentation on a USB drive is an ultimate way to look back on your performance. It will give you an opportunity to have a reference of your presentation in future and share it with the interested prospects who may not have attended your original presentation.
  1. Replacing flash drive with your typical Business Cards: It’s an innovative way to create a digital copy of your business card, website link, work profiles or samples and your resume where appropriate. Making your contact information digital allows your website link, social links and email address easily accessible while handing out the a physical item for the recipients to remember you. This will make a great impression with the recipient and take your networking to a new level.
  1. Recording Your Live Performance Of Your Concert in Flash drives: You can sell the videos of your live concerts and shows right after the event with the flash drives. Since your fans will be still high just after your performance, they would rave about. Moreover, distributing the flash drives after your show will help build a great impression with your fans.
  1. Flash drives For Your Audio Books: Flash drives can be used as an exclusive piece of content such as an audio book, music or video clip or a sneak peak speech you have. This is a great way to offer what you have and keep your customers interested in what else you may have to provide. So, if you are planning to spread your brand message or if you have a book in audio form, it’s better to forget the CD and just go for flash drives. Surely, It’s novel but practical item your fans would definitely love.
  1. Flash drives for Company Giveaways: If you are looking for what to give for employees and clients during the holiday season or your company’s anniversary, give them custom flash drives with your company’s logo. It is an important gift which nobody will throw away. And make sure you save your company’s calendars, videos and various other promotional items.

The bottom line is that there are numerous creative ways you can use for promoting your business and keep your customers attracted with your brand. Always remember, a promotional item must make a sense for your business and your marketing message.