It’s not easy to figure out what body shape you are, nor is it easy to find clothes based on your style, preference and most of all, body type. While this can be quite a demanding task in nature, once you have figured out what your body type is, there’s no stopping you from finding the perfect fit that not only makes you look and feel good but also fits your body type in the right manner. You would save so much time, effort and money if you knew your body type and went out shopping accordingly.  We’re here to help! Check out the following few ways to dress according to your body type.

  1. The straight

The straight/rectangle shape of body means that all your measurements are more or less the same. This is one of the most sought-after body shapes, one that runway models or supermodels usually have. There’s fashion for everyone these days including plus size fashion, but since the straight body type is the opposite, here’s what you should wear. Maxi dresses, tube tops and tank tops look the most flattering on this body shape as they are skin-tight and flaunt just the right areas. Put on clothing with bright colours and you’ve got a perfect outfit wardrobe!

  1. The apple

Your waist may not be that well-defined but your bust and hips draw the most attention. Wear A-line dresses, long skirts,v-necks, ruffled shirts etc. to keep your bust and hips enhanced while keeping your legs in focus through low-waist or medium height jeans, shorts, and pair it with sneakers or high heels based on the occasion. In this body shape you can draw most attention to your hips and chest.

  1. The pear

Sizeable hips and a narrow waist along with a smaller bust means you have the pear body shape.This is one of the most well-defined and curvy body shape that has a variety of fashion choices available at your disposal. Pick out outfits that accentuate your shoulders and collarbone section. Waist hugging dresses, skirts and high waist jeans are your ideal fit as they will enhance the perfect areas of your body enough to make your outfit look flattering and classy at the same time.

  1. The spoon

This body shape is similar to the pear body shape. Your curves are flattering and can be enhanced by wearing stuff like summer dresses, short skirts, high-waisted jeans, crop tops and many other outfits. Pair it all up with boots and high heels to accentuate your waist and legs.

  1. The hourglass

Perhaps one of the most admired and attractive body shape is the hourglass. This means that your hips and bust are in the ideal proportion, making it easier for you to get more choices while choosing clothing. However, picking the wrong clothing can make or break your appearance. Try wearing outfits that enhance your waist and chest. Tight fitting shirts, jackets, tops, crop tops, low waist jeans etc. There are a lot of options for your body type since hourglass is one of the most common shapes in the fashion world.

  1. The oval

Having this body shape means that your upper body is more proportionate than your lower body. The oval body type accounts for v-neck tops, crop tops, collar shirts, belted tops, maxi dresses and other similar outfits. Pair it up with high heels and skirts to give the right amount of attention to your legs.

While body shapes have their own variations when you look at them in a deeper sense, more or less you may be able to find the outfits of your choice and comfort if you were to go out shopping after knowing your body shape and what would fit you best. In the end, feeling confident and self assured is all that matters so whatever be your body shape, find what makes you the most comfortable in your own skin.