After steadily making progress toward your ideal weight, you might begin to dread the holiday season. In addition to huge meals and lavish parties, many people are also extremely busy, and that results in fast food runs and unhealthy snacks. Those who don’t want to undo all of the hard work that they have put in over the last few months need to start thinking about a few ways they can deal with food temptations in the coming weeks.

Leave the Big Meals to the Weekends

One of the best ways to keep your weekly caloric intake at a reasonable level during the holiday season is to reserve your cheat meals for the weekends. During the week, you should focus all of your energy on making and eating healthy meals with set portions. You can also regulate your portions by meal prepping one day a week when you have a few hours to spare.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

According to a recent study, nearly half of all Americans drink at least one sugary beverage per day. Over the course of a single week, that can result in thousands of empty calories that did nothing to satisfy your hunger. This unhealthy habit often escalates during the holidays with seasonal drinks and alcoholic beverages. As a general rule, you should limit yourself to no more than one or two unhealthy drinks every week.

Fill Up before the Parties

Another tactic that many health enthusiasts suggest is filling up on healthy food before heading to any party or social function. Starving yourself before a party will most likely result in you stacking your plate high with unhealthy foods that you weren’t planning on eating. Having a large glass of water and a few handfuls of sliced vegetables on your way to the party is going to fill up your stomach before you are tempted by the other food.

Be Selective with Your Treats

Unfortunately, many people try to steer clear of all unhealthy foods and beverages during the holiday season, and that often results in a handful of serious binges. Instead of being rigid with your diet, you might want to try being selective. If there are a handful of dishes or treats that you look forward to every year, then you should give yourself a chance to enjoy those foods at least once or twice.

Bring Your Own Healthy Dishes

Potlucks are very popular during the holiday season, and these parties give you the perfect opportunity to bring a healthy dish that you know you are going to enjoy. Having at least one wholesome dish at the party means that you won’t have to starve yourself if all the other dishes are filled with carbohydrates and processed sugar. Roasted vegetables, vibrant salads, and fresh salsas are all great options if you aren’t sure what else is going to be at the party.

Experiment with Appetite Control Supplements

The holiday season is the perfect time to start trying out different supplements and weight loss kits. Some companies even have smaller kits and stacks designed specifically to help people lose weight over the course of one or two weeks. Xyngular reviews are particularly positive, and that is just one of the many companies that offer protein powders, energy boosters, and appetite suppressants.

Even if you end up gaining a few pounds over the holidays, you need to remember that it was only a single roadblock in a much longer journey. As the holidays wind down and the weather warms up, you can once again get back to your diet and exercise plan. Being able to overcome the occasional mistake is an invaluable skill for those who are on the path toward a healthier weight.