Smoking is one of the greatest evils known to the human race. You may have heard that smoking has tremendous negative impacts on your lungs and your heart. But that’s not all!

Apart from damaging your cardiovascular system to a great extent, tobacco smoking also has long-lasting effect on your oral health including the mouth, teeth and the gums.

And it is just not the cigarettes but the pipes, cigars, vaping or using e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco – all contribute to deteriorating your oral health. Here are some of the major reasons why the dentists of the reputed dental clinic in Delhi highly recommend all the patients to quit smoking.

  • Smoking Causes Oral Cancer – This is a known fact that chewing the tobacco or smoking can contribute to the cancers of the tongue, mouth, gums, lips and throat. Dentists say that if you smoke and drink, the risks of you developing oral cancer is quite high. But unfortunately, in many cases, the oral cancer is not discovered till it has reached an advanced stage. This is one of the greatest constraints in enhancing the oral cancer survival rates.

  • Smoking Gives Rise to the Gum Disease – Smoking abuses the gums in two different ways. First, more bacterial plaque is produced in the mouth because of smoking that puts the gums under constant attack. Secondly, the level of oxygen in the blood is low in case of those who smoke which slows the healing process. Hence when the gums get infected the body of a person who smokes has less immunity to deal with it. In case of smokers, as compared to the non-smokers, the gum diseas progresses at a much faster rate.

  • Smoking Causes Bad Breath – One of the main causes of bad breath or halitosis happens to be smoking. Not only that, smoking offers you a dry mouth, but the nicotine and tar settle in the oral cavity leading to condition known as the smoker’s breath. Bad breath is also caused by gum disease which is another consequence of smoking.

  • Smoking Causes Tooth Decay – Tobacco is responsible for decreasing the overall well-being of the teeth which makes them more susceptible to the decay. Plaque builds up more quickly on the teeth which results in cavities developing in your teeth.

  • Smoking Alters the Smell and Taste Sense – When you smoke on a regular basis, your sense of taste and smell can be a little limited. This not only interferes with experiencing gratification by consuming the food, but it also makes you add more sugar or salt to the food to make the seasoning stronger. One in every five smokers have a diminished sense of smell and taste. However, the effect is reversible if you get rid of the habit.

  • Smoking Leads to Stained Teeth – The stained teeth are the most important and glaring impact that most people can think of when taking into account of the effects of tobacco on the oral health. When exposed to the oxygen, nicotine turns yellow and this can settle in the microscopic teeth pores. This results in stains that can spoil your smile, and this also occurs when there you are smoking e-cigs. Chewing the tobacco can be more harmful in terms of staining as the nicotine mixes with the saliva and even opting for professional teeth polishing that you can get at the best teeth polishing cost in a nearby dental clinic won’t work much if you continue smoking.

The above are some of the ways in which the smoking can affect your oral health. Now that you know you should try your best to quit smoking as early as possible so that you can lead a healthier life and flaunt a beautiful smile whenever you want.