If you are looking for building a career that involves traveling, decent earning, serving people, and an immense reputation, then choosing to be a traveling nurse would be ideal. Moreover, the demand for travel nurses is projected to increase by 15% by 2026. As the healthcare sector strives to meet the strain put on it by the aging population, more nurses would be required.

This increased demand can sometimes be beyond what a facility can handle and, so, it recruits traveling nurses, who travel across the nation to the places that need them the most. With every new location, you will face fresh challenges, work with different people, and experience adventure.

A traveling registered nurse goes from one facility to another helping to fill the shortage in specific areas. Nurses are in demand everywhere and a traveling nurse is stationed temporarily to fill the shortage. Assignments for a traveling nurse can be 13-26 weeks long and are available for various types of nurses.

Benefits Of Being A Traveling Nurse

#1 Resume Building

Travel nurses possess a similar skillset like other nurses. However, the difference lies in experience and exposure. You may be working at a large teaching hospital or a small critical-access healthcare facility. But your resume will stand out due to your experience in different environments, range of skills, and professional contacts.

Whenever you will be giving an interview for agency nurse jobs, or talking to anyone, you will be more confident because of your exposure and a large group of friends.

#2 Traveling

The biggest perk choosing to be a traveling nurse is traveling. Living out of suitcases may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for the people who have an adventurous spirit, being a traveling nurse can take them and their career to new heights.

Traveling constantly is exciting in the beginning but after a few years, it can be exhausting. However, you will step out of your comfort zone, learn much more about nursing, discover yourself in the process, and end up gaining confidence. You would be able to interact with interesting locals as well. If you like the place you are currently working in, you can extend your contract to stay for a longer period.

#3 Meeting New People

If you love meeting new people, interact with them, and know about their lifestyles, being a travel nurse will fulfill all of that. Apart from making friends at your workplace, you will be meeting a variety of people outside the office too. Whenever you travel to a new city and start living there, you will come across people with different hobbies, interests, neighborhoods, and cultures. You will be interacting with numerous patients as well.

#4 Flexible Schedule

Travel nursing positions differ in the length of time, position, and location. You can specify your position based on your requirements. Traveling from a place to another is exciting, however, it can be draining. Flexible scheduling lets you take a break whenever you need between contracts. You can even arrange to be with your family during important events. You can also arrange the weekly schedule for shorter workweeks and extended weekends.

A nurse working in a healthcare facility for long usually faces burnout and frustration due to workload. Since you can take breaks between contracts, you get the opportunity to rejuvenate and relax. Then, when you will finally get back to work, you can be completely refreshed and focus better on your work.

#5 Affordable Housing

A travel nurse does not have to worry about the biggest stressors faced by many – housing. Wherever you go, you will be provided with a decent place to live. You may even get a fully furnished house. So, every time you move to a new place, you would not have to find a new home.

If you do not know where you want to build your house, traveling that comes along with being a traveling nurse would help you in deciding the right place for you. During your short stay in a city, you can measure the pros and cons of living there and then choose where you should settle down eventually.

#6 Avoiding Workplace Politics

When you are working in a hospital as permanent staff, you will have to deal with workplace politics. You will also face management issues, which can affect your performance. But a travel nurse can avoid all workplace politics and focus only on patient care.

Some places do not have management problems or work politics at all but many clinics and hospitals are full of drama. As a temporary employee, you can dodge all of it and offer your best services to the patients.

The Bottom Line

Nursing is amongst the most reputable jobs in the world. If you are an adventurous soul who wants to take up nursing, being a traveling nurse would serve both purposes. You will also experience the above-mentioned benefits.