Find out how to set the stage for the most amazing NYE party your neighbourhood has seen, with these 6 handy tips.

New Years Eve is a time to be celebrated as you say goodbye to the bad parts of the year gone by, appreciate all you experience, and open your heart to the start of the next 365 days and all they have to offer. If you’re seeing the New Year in at your home with friends and family, take a look at these 6 tips to help you prepare your home for the upcoming party:

  1. Protect Anything You Don’t Want Breaking

Even with the most civilized guests, accidents can happen. Any precious ornaments or heirlooms you’d hate to see broken you’ll want to protect. Store them at a trusted friends house, in a locked cupboard or room, or for the ultimate protection, use cheap self storage from Storing. Cheap self storage is designed to keep your belongings extremely safe, so you can be sure they will be in the same condition you left them in when the party is over and you can bring them home again.

2. Declutter

Party preparation is the perfect time to clear your home of all the things you don’t want or need. This is especially useful after Christmas and before New Year when you’ve the time to sort through all the excess items that have been replaced with gifts, or indeed sort out any unwanted gifts for charity.

3. Place Anything Seasonal In Deep Storage

Use your garage, loft or cheap self storage unit to store items you will not need access to until spring or summer. Gardening tools and equipment, garden furniture, camping gear, summer sports equipment and summer wardrobes could all be placed into storage long-term, clearing lots of party space in your home.

4. Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

Forget waiting for spring to clean, you’re having a party for NYE, it’s time to clean for your life! Don’t assume that guests won’t notice a grubby window or, a stained bath towel. Pay attention to detail and do your spring cleaning early, you’ll feel so much better about presenting your home in its best light when it comes to party time.

5. Choose A Theme

OK its NYE so you don’t need a theme, but why not make the occasion more fun?! Let guests know you’re doing 80’s, 90’s, Hawaiian or, any other theme you fancy, then have a great time decorating for it. Props for pictures always go down well, and theme related snacks are never unwanted either.

6. Create An Atmosphere

If your home has nothing that plays music then it makes sense to look into getting a sound system for your party. Don’t forget to invite your neighbours to your party though in case you get a bit loud! They can’t complain if they’re with you making the noise. Lighting is also important for an evening party, especially if the garden is part of it. Bright, artificial lights don’t get anybody in the mood for dancing!

Your New Year’s Eve party is sure to be a smash with the home prep tips above. Take your time and start with cleaning and clearing first, then decorations, atmosphere, food and drink second. Your party is sure to get the New Year started off in the best way for you and all your guests.