You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that every part of a house, such as dining, living, children’s room and bedroom demands different designing and furnishing approach. The idea here is to fulfill the requirements of each section in a unique way. For example, a kid’s room pleads for a playful and soothing ambience. Mentioned below are 6 tips to create great bedroom for your kid.

1. Wall decoration

Walls offer a great opportunity to motivate kids and enhance their logical and creative skills. Decals, murals, alphabet and nature based posters, and wallpaper are some of the options to deck them up. For decorating a girl’s bedroom you can opt for butterflies and grass theme, or maybe daisies imprint in front of the bed. For boy’s room airplane decals and pendants would surely stir their natural love for adventure. Posters and wallpaper of popular football players or sports stars are some of the other options. Apart from decals and posters you can also use luminous decorative wall stickers. These cut outs are durable, look rich in darkness and invisible during the day due to their transparent material. However, when the lights are turned off, it changes the ambience completely. Imagine your kid looking up to stars, planets and galaxies while going to sleep. Now, isn’t that amazing?

2. Bedding and furnishing

It goes without saying that Kid’s bedding needs to be clean and hygienic. Everything comes later. A clean sheet keeps the child free from recurrent illnesses and allergies. However, bedding and furnishings in children’s room can be spruced up by introducing several colors and themes. Subjects such as sea, yacht, fishes and pirates embossed on soft and cozy comforter is an easy and affordable way to beckon small boys to bed. Let their imagination run amok. For girls there are comforters printed with fairies and Barbie dolls. Yet another stunning and colorful theme which every girl will adore is a princess walking along the garden or sky littered with beautiful flowers and clouds respectively. These furnishing are sleep inducers, making sure your child not only feels good but sleeps all through the night peacefully.

Sheets typically need to match with the theme. If your theme predominantly sports pink color then make sure the rest of the accessories such as sheets, pillow covers, duvets complement each other. You can stitch four or five colorful pillow covers, stuff it with soft material and turn it into a playful mat for an array of recreational chores. This single piece of furnishing will keep your child occupied for hours and enhance the décor as well.

3. Wall colors

As mentioned above, children love colors. Make the best use of it. Use bold hues in tandem with subtle shades; a splash of yellow on a wall behind the study table or maybe a baby pink across the room. Make sure you consult your child about his/her preference. After all, it is the reflection of their personality. However, don’t go overboard. Multiple bold colors can appear jarring and may hinder with your child’s focus. The thumb rule is to mix and match. This typically balances every color beautifully.

4. Artefacts and Toys

Artefacts are generally synonymous with grown ups. However, even kids love these decorative elements, as it reflects their ideas and thoughts. Yet another fascinating thing about children is they love to flaunt these souvenirs and love tokens. Make sure you design an open showcase for these titbits. The same principle applies to other possessions such as books, shoes and study material. You can shop for cool giant bins to store their toys or simply hang them from the wall in the most creative way.

5. Playroom

Make sure you add a couple of sports elements in your kid’s room. For boys some of the typical additions would be rings hung from the ceiling, a slide or maybe a rock wall. While the girl’s room can be equipped with swing and slide running along bunk bed. These elements diffuse tension and allow children to unwind after a long day in school or spending hours behind the desk, completing their homework. Static sports elements such as racing cars stuck on a path, typically drawn on the wall with magnetic paint is a unique proposition.

6. Furniture

Introduce bare minimum furniture because kids love open space. If possible create elevations within the room. How? Design tree ladder around vertical bed bunks, or simply create a solo tree house. These elevations make sure your child leads an active life. A small wardrobe and a study table should be good enough to complete the entire setup. Build furniture intuitively, intelligently and creatively; use space below the ladder for storing bedding and comforters, build slide around the tree house, design funky wardrobes inspired by surroundings such as city buildings or fruits. The creative element will induce a lot of passion in your child.

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