Although Long Beach is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, there is one undeniable fact – it is not LA. In fact, if you are a newcomer to this beautiful city, you may as well think of it as a whole different world. There are indeed many specifics in Long Beach that make it unique and truly a different experience.

If you have decided on relocation to Long Beach, you will do well to take certain things in mind. Knowing the city and its specifics will help you get around easily and set in faster. But above all else, it will enable you to deal with house removals easier.

Here are 6 things you should keep in mind:

  • Climate – Long Beach is mostly a sunny place, with Mediterranean climate. Days here are sunny, which makes the place similar to Southern California. One thing about the summer months you should keep in mind is that fog and low clouds occur often, but those are normally gone by the afternoon. Temperatures are mostly mild, thanks to the westerly breeze that is present there. If you are basing your removal on the sole purpose of escaping from heat waves, Long Beach might just be the place for you – humidity and heat rarely coincide, making the climate much more bearable than in many other places.


  • No waves – yes, it has ‘beach’ in its name, but if you think that you will be able to enjoy some awesome waves on your surfboard, you are mistaken. That might have been the case before the building of the breakwater in the 40s. It is just a mile offshore and serves to prevent waves from reaching the harbour. There is a campaign to reconfigure the breakwater in such a way that will restore the natural flow of the ocean. Regardless, if it’s surfing you are after, focus your removal efforts elsewhere.

  • Bike city – sure there is no surfing, but there’s plenty of bike paths that pretty much make Long Beach one of the most bicycle-friendly city. If you are into that kind of transport, you will find excellent Class 1 paths and many Class 2 and 3 pathways. What is great about Long Beach is that the tendency is to continue improving bikeways and routes.


  • Oil rigs – if you take a look at the horizon, you will notice islands. Or at least that’s what you will think of them. In reality, Long Beach has a number of oil rigs disguised as resort islands. They may look interesting, but the truth is that they contribute a great deal to air pollution. Clean air is not a trait of Long Beach, unfortunately.

  • Festivals – a number of festivals take place in Long Beach each year. A popular one is the Native American festival held in Shoreline Village. There is a lot of dancing, drumming, singing and a many other activities that take place during the festival. There are also boat parades around Christmas. These are traditional to Southern California and are held every weekend from December 1 all the way till Christmas.

  • The RMS Queen Mary – one of the most popular attractions in the area is the large liner ‘Queen Mary’. It was converted into a hotel and maritime museum in 1967. It is notable for its Art Deco design and striking similarity to the Titanic.


Long Beach is a city with great spirit and atmosphere, which you would most certainly love. Take your time to learn more about the city and its specifics if you want to ensure your relocation will be a success.