In the contemporary period, many people like to install waterproof outdoor blinds because of the level of protection they offer during rain and the way they appear. These blinds are practical to use outdoors and also look better than the traditional curtains.

The only downside that customers see now is that the blinds blow around in the days of the gale. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to prevent it from happening.

Make your Waterproof Outdoor Blinds Heavier

The primary reason for blowing in the wind is the blinds are lightweight. So, it makes sense to add the weight above to rectify the problem. Give it a try yourself!

You can tie small weights to the blinds, so they stay in place. If you are not sure what to use as a mass, then here’s a suggestion. Some people use small paperweights or disc-shaped hefts to secure them against strong winds. It won’t be impossible to move around, but the fluttering issue will not be the same as before.

Another way is to buy heavier outdoor patio blinds, which come at a slightly higher price tag. However, good quality material will have a heft, making it difficult for winds to blowing them around.

Install Outdoor Shutter Blinds with Strong Structural Support

Hanging a blind without a strong backing is a bad idea. These are placed outdoors and have to face all the grunts, like strong winds. Though the product is made with durable materials, additional measures are needed during high wind load.

When the blinds are rolled down and attached to the ground post, the supporting steelwork and mounting points should be strong enough to oppose the force of the wind. So, from the start, it is better to leave the installation in the hands of experts like Outdoor Blinds Southwest; since professionals know what they are doing.

Make Sure the Measurements Are Correct

There is no denying that the purpose of blinds is only achieved when the dimensions are correct. They are supposed to cover things behind the window from the bad weather condition. For instance, imagine a scenario where you get them installed professionally, and they do a terrible job at sizing. What would happen? The waterproof outdoor blinds will not serve the purpose. The high-intensity winds will eventually impair the structure.

So, before buying, make sure you have the correct measurements.

Secure Blinds to The Wall

It is another option you can look into. Drill some holes in the window frame to add hooks for the blind. It will make sure the product stays in place. A slight shortcoming is that it may knock the blinds loose in the case of a strong gust.

Try Out Adhesive Strips

This option is a replacement for the method above. Instead of adding hooks on the wall, you will be using strong adhesive strips. Attaching one end to the blind and the other on the wall, the strong wind will not move the blind. Though it isn’t as secure as the hooks, it should do the trick for the short term. If you live on rent, we advise you to go with this technique for outdoor shutter blinds.

Buy Heavier Outdoor Blinds

Want more ideas? Here’s another. Try to get the heavier blinds. Doing so, it is less likely to have the problems of the blind being affected by the wind. It may not seem like a convenient option at first, but it’s an intelligent decision for the windy season.

In the end, we’ll say avoid opening the window when the storm’s coming your way. For more protection, use these tips with waterproof outdoor blinds to mitigate the chance altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to secure outdoor blinds?

The outdoor shutter blinds can easily be affected by harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you need to take some actions to secure them in place. To do so, you can:

· Weigh Your Waterproof Outdoor Blinds

· Install Outdoor Shutters with Strong Structural Support

· Buy Heavier Outdoor Blinds

· Secure Them to The Wall

2. How do you anchor outdoor blinds?

Usually, a ground post is used to keep the blinds in one place. However, if you do not have it, you can easily add an anchor point yourself or ask professionals to do so. Clips will be added at the bottom of the blind, which will then be clipped into the post to make it more secure in storms and harsh weather.

3. Do outdoor blinds stop the wind?

Yes, in the stormy seasons, waterproof outdoor blinds are a perfect addition to the house. They protect against UV rays and secure the indoors from harsh and robust winds.

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