There are a majority of people who want to fly high in an airplane — traveling amid the clouds to their favorite destination.

At the same time, there are people who are often gripped by massive flight anxieties.

For them, a little turbulence is no less treacherous than a crash.

However, fret not! You are not the only one who gets cold sweat on the idea of flying.

The odds of facing a jet plane crash is 1 in 11 million. Still, more than 25 million Americans suffer from aerophobia (fear of flying). It is the second biggest phobia after public speaking.

Here are some more astonishing facts about fear of flying:

Fear of flying

There could be many reasons for your fear of flying, including claustrophobia, height issues, OCD, turbulence, and many more. You can only conquer your flight anxieties if you are able to identify and overcome your specific fears.

 Here are a few simple suggestions you can try to overcome your flight anxieties.

1. Pick an Aisle Seat

It is one of the most straightforward solutions to start tackling your flight anxieties. Choosing the aisle seat saves you from claustrophobia and gives you the convenience to walk down the aisle at any point in time. You are also safe from getting sandwiched between passengers or between the passenger and the window.

An aisle seat is also an excellent option to avoid the sky view if you are scared of heights.

Airlines and travel aggregators allow you to pick the seat of your choice while booking the ticket. Hence, you can choose your seat at the very start of the planning phase of your trip.

2. Make Yourself Aware About the Airplane

Most of the times, we are scared because we are ignorant. Knowledge is a significant liberating factor that helps you alleviate your unwarranted fear of flying.

For instance, an airplane creates all kind of noises during take-off and landing. You might feel that the jet is going to break into pieces, but the reality is that things like carry-on luggage are bound to create chaotic noise.

A little information can help you defeat your flight anxiety. Read about the noises a jet plane may make during its course of the journey. You can also read about how rigorous safety measures are practiced to operate flight operation. Check about the turbulence forecast through apps like Turbcast to stay more informed about flying conditions in advance.

In fact, flying is the safest means of transport in the world. Well, if you come to think of it, you should be more anxious while traveling in a car and not on a jet plane.

3. Stay Hydrated

Nervous flyers often comfort themselves with doses of coffee and alcoholic beverages before the flight.

However, instead of helping, it makes you dehydrated and more unfit for taking the flight.

Rather than coffee or alcoholic beverages, drink water and eat a light meal if you are hungry. Carry light snacks, including nuts or cut fruits to munch on during the flight and distract yourself from anxiety. It not only keeps you hydrated and nourished but also comes in handy when you are hungry.

4. Keep Yourself Entertained

It’s a no brainer that entertainment is the biggest distraction.

Most often, flights offer several entertainment facilities onboard, including satellite television, music streaming, and a bank of movies and television series. Try indulging in some sort of entertainment to avoid the noise and people in the plane. You can also stock up your smartphone or tablet with your favorite movies and music to catch up on during the flight.

Chances are, once you wear headphones, you are going to forget about your whereabouts.

You can also immerse yourself in some quality reading time. Take along the book you always wanted to read and make sure to finish it this time. Simply put, to fight the flying nerves, try to engross yourself in something that makes you comfortable, and you will be just fine.

5. Leverage Airport Lounge to Relax

You might end up taking added anxiety to the jet plane if you reach the airport late and fear to miss your flight. That’s why make sure to enter the airport a few hours prior to your flight to get your boarding pass and luggage check-in done in peace.

And once you are done with the basics, head down to an executive lounge to sit and relax with a glass of fresh juice and some snacks. Majority of airlines offer the facility of a private lounge. You can get access to such executive lounges either by becoming a club member or paying a nominal entry fee.

These places are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the airport and offer a soothing experience to help you stay relaxed and composed.

6. Make Fellow Passenger Your Friend

If you are a wreck during long flights, then it’s an excellent idea to interact with fellow-passengers before takeoff. There is no harm in telling them about your fear of flying.

Making your fellow passenger aware of your condition and the things that can help you during panic attacks. A fellow-passenger can remind you about how safe the flight is. And should such a situation arrives, they can even help you out during the bout of a possible panic attack.


Flight anxieties are a common thing; you don’t have to feel ashamed about yours.

The key is to identify your specific issues and work towards resolving them. A little awareness and self-belief can go a long way in conquering flight anxieties.

Moreover, if you have a sufficient budget, you can even hire a private business jet. This way, you won’t have to worry about your claustrophobia or not getting an aisle seat. Simply put, you can fly on your own set norms and will receive all the exclusive benefits, such as better first aid, top-notch concierge services, and much more.

(Featured Image Credit: Unsplash)

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