Having a furry companion to release stress and never feel lonely is a choice made by many people living the city life. People in Toronto own 230,000 dogs, which is surprising considering that many people believe that dogs are not happy in the urban environment. That’s not true, living in the city allows you to be creative when it comes to managing the daily routine of your canine friend.

Here are six tips that will make living in the urban setting a lot easier for you and your pet.

  1. Toilet Train Your Pup
    Perhaps the most important part of living in the city with your dog is controlling where and how they relieve themselves. Unlike rural areas, your dog does not have access to acres of land in the city. This means there’s no garden where they can defecate. Your best option here is to potty-train your pup and try some in-house potty solutions.
  2. Remain Active and Healthy
    City dogs are more likely to spend their time indoors rather than running around the backyard. So, a common health hazard faced by city dogs is obesity. Other than obesity, they face many other health issues when living in an urban setting. To avoid this, you must ensure that your little friend is going out for walks regularly. Breathing polluted air can also lead to respiratory disorders. So, avoid taking them out on the road and find a nearby garden to go for a walk and play with your dog instead.
  3. Avoid Hot Pavements at All Costs
    Taking your dog out for a walk o a hot summer day can be challenging as the pavement gets very hot. A good idea would be to place your hand on the pavement for five seconds before taking your dog out for a walk. If you are not able to keep your hand on the pavement for five seconds, it is too hot for a dog to walk on.
  4. Find a Good Vet
    An advantage of living in the city is good medical facilities (veterinary clinics) for your dog. When at the dog park, ask pet parents which vet they go to and if they’re any good. You’ll be visiting the vet a lot so it makes sense to get an estimate to know if you can afford their services.
  5. Keep Your Dog on a Leash
    We know dogs get excited when they meet or see new people. Or they can get alarmed hearing a loud noise. During such events, it becomes difficult to control the most well-behaved dogs no matter how much you train them. So, the best option here would be to keep them leashed and only let them off the hook at home and in a dog park.
  6. Try Fun Activities
    You can register for recreational activities with your four-legged friend in addition to taking them on walks daily. Examples of fun activities for you to enjoy with your pet are:
    • Playing in the dog park.
    • Register for “Doga” classes.
    • Take your dog for swimming.
    • Join a doggie playgroup.

If you are going out of town, don’t forget to hire a dog boarding GTA service to help you out.