6 Self-Care Tips for New Moms

6 Self-Care Tips for New Moms

When you become a new mom, it’s quintessential to take care of your skin, body and mental health. As a baby requires indefinite attention, it’s a tad difficult for moms to manage everything. When you’re swamped with lots of work like changing diapers constantly, breastfeeding especially when you’re new with all of this. Obviously, you deserve a break too from your overburdened routine.

Hence, we decided to come with a few self-care tips to incorporate into your regime as a new mom.

#1. Have Similar Sleeping Routines

It’s a common yet important tip which you should consider for your routine. I know, it’s difficult for some moms to sleep anytime when the baby’s sleeping. Then, if you don’t sleep, try to relax by sitting on a couch, reading a few magazines or maybe grabbing a book or simply laying down. You don’t have to run an errand or go on a cleaning spree. It’s a great time to relax peacefully without contemplating anything. You can even enjoy listening to a few podcasts, have a cup of tea or maybe just meditate or journalise. Do whatever gives you peace!

#2. Seek Help

New moms often get isolated and feel lonely. It’s quite essential to find your tribe as when you’re transitioning into a new phase in life, it’s important to get support from people who are undergoing the same phase.

#3. Take Ample Care of Your Body

Your postpartum body has gone through a lot of changes especially the hormones, hence it’s equally important to look after your body. Your body deserves attention too!


You must be anxious about getting back to your body or pre-baby figure and thus want to cut off all the calories and nutrients from your diet. But here’s a gentle reminder: as you’re breastfeeding the child, including all the nutrients which are vital for a child’s development is important.  Try to include wholesome food in your diet.

Drink enough water

It’s a general tip but most of the time new moms forget to stay hydrated. Hence, if you’re running busy and there’s no reminder, then carry a bottle along your way. You could even add some slices of cucumber or lemon to the water for added benefits. Another excellent way to stay hydrated is to include juices in your diet. There are ample citrus fruits and vegetables that you can choose from.


As mentioned earlier, enough sleep is quite necessary for your body and brain to function. You can either go in sync with the baby’s sleep time and if you aren’t able to take some time out then have a talk to your family and take a day out in a week for your sleep meanwhile any family member can look after the baby. You can listen to some peaceful melodies to get a relaxing sleep or can give yourself a sleep bra containing breast pads to avoid any leaks.


Exercise is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body. If you can’t hit the gym, then you can simply go for a jog or maybe a walk. And if you want to keep yourself entertained and try something new then look for nearby “mommy and baby” exercise classes. You can even watch some online workouts to practise at home. Don’t rush, take it slow!

#4. Reflect on Yourself

Take out some time in a day for meditation and reflection. Reflection can be therapeutic especially when you’re dealing with multiple things. You can get tons of tools to make it a habit, where you can simply journalise your entire day, how it went and what you did the whole day.

#5. Let go of the Chaotic Stuff

Some days are hard to deal with, especially when you’re tied up with a lot of work. Balancing the household chores with chaotic stuff like diapers, burp cloths, towels, spit-covered clothes and bottles is a tough job. There’s a lot to deal with, amidst it, it seems impossible to take care of your mental health. Nonetheless, here are a few ways to deal:

Declutter your mind

When there’s a lot of tabs open in your mind which makes your brain feel trashed, it’s important to dump all those things. You can start by journaling your day. How did your day go? What important (or mundane) things happened during the day and how did they make you feel? And if you aren’t good at remembering stuff then you can take the help of a to-do list, to jot down all the day’s activities and projects. This massively helps in decluttering the mind.

Track the milestones

Find a Pinterest-y calendar to track down all the important dates and tally it with a to-do list. You can even access apps like the Baby tracker which keeps a track of the baby’s pees, feedings, poops and naps.

Let go

Sometimes letting go of things feel liberating. Don’t authorize yourself every time, take a break instead. If you feel like ordering any gourmet meal, go for it. Don’t fret about the laundry or dishes, let that sit. Take some time out to relax.

#6. Go on an Adventure

Don’t confine yourself in a loop if you have a baby. Make a list of “Things That Make Me Happy” and start ticking off the boxes. Catch-up with your girlfriends, pamper yourself, go on a date with your husband, walk in the park or go for a movie. Parenting isn’t a ritual so you can definitely schedule some time for yourself. If your baby enjoys going out then you can go on a staycation to explore nature or otherwise venture out. Just do things that give you pleasure. Take out time for things that truly give you joy. For instance, if running a food blog was something you wanted to do, then start shortlisting Food Blog Names. Take actionable steps to create a happier, fulfilled future for yourself.

The Takeaway

Parenting is not an easy job and it’s quite normal to be surrounded by different emotions and be hormonal. Remember to not be hard on yourself and to beat up for every small mistake. It’s okay to have tough days and there’s always a light of ray at the end of the tunnel. Let go of the things you can’t control and instead celebrate and cherish all the moments with your baby as it’s going to make your journey easier!

Remember to be kind to yourself!

How do you feel being a new mom and how do you manage with the baby? Tell us in the comments section below!