For many people, being in a position to buy a boat is the ultimate show of luxury. There is something inherently liberating about being able to cast your net out on the ocean. Of course, buying a boat isn’t always the most straightforward process. Nor is it the cheapest. And as if having to purchase the boat itself wasn’t going to set you back enough, there are a whole host of other things you need.

First of all, there are a few ways that you can ease the brunt of the upfront cost. Depending on your credit rating and who you buy from, there could be finance options readily available to you. Obviously, this won’t be an option in the instance where you buy from a private seller. Most licensed boat sellers, though, have a multitude of options to make buying easier on your bank balance.

If that isn’t available for whatever reason, you could always look into seeking an approved loan. Hey, that’s what the bank is there for, right? The standard advice that you would seek for any loan still applies here. However, given your boat purchase could almost rival the cost of your mortgage, it’s imperative that you shop around. Finding the best deal for you is one thing, but sticking to your budgetary constraints is another.

After purchasing your boat, you may be forgiven for wanting to jump the gun and set sail at the earliest opportunity. Think again. Although laws will change from state to state, most places will require insurance and a sailing permit. And remember, that’s BEFORE you hit the water. As with any insurance provider, you’ll need to look around to see which company offers the most benefits. The price of your permit will again vary.

Once you’ve handled all of the formalities, it’s time to get around to kitting your boat out with all your custom features. This will obviously differ from person to person, but there are a few ideas that will suit just about anyone. From safety gear simply to things that are designed to make your life easier, here are the things you can’t do without.

First Aid Kit

Not to sound alarming, but it’s better to be on the safe side. When you’re so far away from any kind of civilization, you need to know how to look after yourself. Even the smallest of war wounds should be treated properly in order to avoid infection. It doesn’t need to be anything too complex by any means. Just all of your standard first aid items, such as bandages, band-aids, scissors, and rubbing alcohol.

Light Source

If you’re going to be spending time on your boat long after the sun has set, you’re going to need a source of light. It’s always worthwhile to carry a rechargeable flashlight on your person at any given time. That may be ideal for finding your way around your boat in the dark, but it’s not your first port of all. Believe me, the situation will arise when you need something with a little more firepower. That’s why it’s worth keeping a headlamp around on deck.


Plenty of rope will always come in handy when you’re out on the ocean. You never know when the situation might call for it. As a matter of fact, there is a myriad of reasons that you might need to reach for some rope. Some of them are directly related to your safety, even if not required by law. For example, where would you be if your boat happened to suffer a malfunction and you were left stranded? The rope could be invaluable in a situation where you need to be towed to safety. Likewise, it’s also handy for tethering your boat to keep it in place. Luckily, you can pick up plenty of rope at an affordable price at any reputable hardware store.



It may sound like a drastic action, but it’s always a good idea to keep your boat well stocked at all times. This includes things like plenty of bottled water and canned foodstuffs. If you were to get stranded, you need to survive until you’re able to be rescued. It’s just a much better idea to be on the safe side when it comes to being out at sea. Unless, of course, your fishing skills are exquisite. Then, by all means, feel free to catch your own lunch.

Tool Kit

You never know when the situation may call for a little bit of impromptu maintenance. Boats are susceptible to all kinds of damage, be it physical or mechanical. Knowing how to solve the problem timely and effectively could be a real difference maker. A well-stocked toolbox should allow you to tackle any repair job that may arise. At the very least, it could save you a cold and uncomfortable swim back to dry land.


This goes for both you and your boat. There is nothing worse than getting caught in a storm out at sea and being unprepared. A light drizzle can very quickly spiral into something more severe at any given moment. Preparation is key. You should keep a raincoat on deck at all times, plus it’s never a bad idea to have access to a tarp. You can pick them up from Nasus Supply fairly cheap, and they’re invaluable. Not only will they keep your boat protected from the weather when tethered up, but it also acts as emergency shelter for you.

You could probably come up with a list of even more essentials to keep aboard your boat. No matter its size, though, it’s crucial that you have these items on board in case of emergency. Your safety is paramount and depends on how well-equipped you are. Best of all, none of these items need break the bank. Or are they particularly hard to find. Most can be picked up from any hardware store, or you could even shop around online. You’re bound to find plenty of options at an affordable price.